Summoning Sphere

Woodblock Letter T he Sphere of Summoning allows Priests to summon various magical forces to protect and aid the Priest in his duties, be it combat or helping others. Summoning is suited to Priests who seek added firepower, especially for solo activity. Its opposite sphere is Protection. Followers of Kalas, Kyron, Maz and Ziose have access to the following spells in this sphere:

Name: Blade Barrier
Step: 10
Cost: 75 sp + variable sp / round
Does: This prayer summons a shifting mass of blades to encircle the Priest causing damage to those that attack him. The damage is not great but is helpful. It also adds some extra defense too.

Name: Devalue
Step: 12
Cost: 60 sp
Does: This prayer removes all monetary value of an item, allowing it to be placed in the box and later removed at no boxstatus cost. This is recommended for higher level Priests in order to help those of lower ranking.

Name: Succor
Step: 13
Cost: 50 sp
Does: This prayer will enchant a twig with a command to be performed so that when the twig is broken, the caster will automatically perform the command. This works well with 'mend'.

Name: Priest Summon Help
Step: 14
Cost: 200 sp
Does: This prayer summons forth a being that will combat your foes with you. The being will leave after you defeat the current foe that you are engaged in combat with. Again, the damage isn't massive but the being can be enlarged with the Nature sphere spell 'Growth' to increase its damage potential.

Name: Plane Shift
Step: 18
Cost: 200 sp
Does: Uses dark magic to open a Rift into one of the nether planes. The energy which seeps through this Rift augments the power of some of the Guild's attack spells.

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Inscribed -- March 6, 2000