Woodblock Letter T he figure in white looked at a man lying on the ground, covered in the same red liquid as Rauthgar, staining his brown, leather jerkin. He shook his head in sadness. A man with long black hair, and a black goatee wearing a red robe came from the crowd. He held his hand over the man's eyes and closed them.

'It was his time.' he said. 'He was to be the first Death.'

Woodblock Letter A n old hunchbacked man that Galan recognized came out, swirled around the body and left as suddenly as he appeared. When Galan looked back, the body was gone.

The man with the goatee then turned to Rauthgar.

'Your time, my friend, is long in coming.' He stroked Rauthgar's head, and the lady that saved Rauthgar before appeared. She looked at the man.

'Go ahead,' he said. The lady bent down and put her hand on Rauthgar's shoulder. Once again a blue light emanated from her hand, and became so bright that Galan had to turn away.

Woodblock Letter A s before, when Galan turned back, Rauthgar was jumping up and down, no sign of the red liquid anywhere. Galan was very happy and hugged Rauthgar. When Galan turned to thank everyone, there was no one there.

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