Woodblock Letter G alan and Rauthgar often met another odd creature, who never spoke a word. She stood on top of a mountain, holding the Sun up on her hands. This surprised Galan. Galan remembered what happened when Galan touched the Sun. This lady never said anything, even when Rauthgar tried to jump on her, to get her to play.

One day, while walking past the lady, she suddenly spoke.

'Galan, please, if you will, hold this Sun for me. I'm awfully tired, and I just can't keep it up.'

Galan replied in the negative. Galan was not going to touch that again.

Woodblock Letter T he lady sighed, and, straining with all her might, heaved the Sun up to get a better grip. The load finally proved to be too much for her, and she tumbled over the hill, the Sun going with her.

At that exact moment, a great cry of triumph rose from the east.

'The Sun has disappeared, Night shall fall, it is my time for GLORY!'

And the entire place became dark.

Woodblock Letter G alan looked around terrified. Galan could hear Rauthgar, but could not see it. Galan had never been in the dark before. Galan was very scared. Rauthgar did not seem to notice. and bounced around happily. Galan finally felt Galan's way up the mountain, to find the lady with the Sun. She was sitting on the ground, the Sun laying next to her. Galan explained the situation.

'I suppose I must continue holding the Sun,' she replied. 'But I can't do it forever. I suppose that I could just hold it for a little while at a time, and then sleep the rest of the time, to regain my strength.'

Woodblock Letter T his sounded good to Galan. Light some of the time is better than no light ever. Galan helped the lady up, and as she heaved the Sun up again, there was a terrifying screech. The darkness was gone, and Galan could see again.

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