Woodblock Letter G alan and Rauthgar were playing again one day, when a slender woman walked out of the forest. The woman had an odd contraption in her hand, and had it pointed right at Rauthgar. Galan did not understand, but when Galan heard a twanging sound, and saw something fly at Rauthgar, Galan remembered the sword that cut Rauthgar and made it bleed. Galan jumped in front of Rauthgar, and the arrow bounced harmlessly off Galan's chest.

'Galan! My apologies Great One!'

She groveled at Galan's feet, who was quite embarrassed.

'I am ashamed that I did not recognize Rauthgar.'

Rauthgar bounded up to the lady, who petted it on the head.

'I can hardly be to blame, if I may say so. There is so little game in these woods! Do you think maybe you can make some more animals, Galan?' the woman said.

Woodblock Letter G alan smiled happily, and picking up some mud, blew on it. Galan enjoyed making mud-beings, and everyone was always happy when Galan did so. Galan finally made a great number of mud-beings, all sorts of shapes and sizes, and let them run all over the world. Some ran into the forest, some into the water, some into the plains, and some into the tundra.

'Many thanks, Galan!' The woman smiled and walked away, her device drawn.

Galan and Rauthgar went on about their business.

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