Rauthgar is the God of Animals.

Alignment: Neutral
Spheres: Nature and Protection
HP Influence: Strong
SP Influence: Weak
Restrictions: No edged weapons

Rauthgar's most common form is that of a canine/wolf hybreed, although he has been known on occasion to take the form of a werewolf. The nature of his true existence and creation is a mystery even amongst the other Gods. He is the constant companion of Galan, and because of this not even the Dark Gods have dared to challenge his divinity. Not an Elder or Greater God, Rauthgar is simply what he is: one of the most powerful creatures in existence.

Rauthgar's most common forms are those of a Golden Retriever and a silver-furred Wolf. The only time he has ever been known to take on
a form with any semblence to humanoids, is when he transforms into a gigantic silver furred werewolf with a golden mane.

Eye colour: Grey. Hair colour: Silver. Hair type: Short/shaggy fur.
Height: 9'7. Weight: 490 pds.

Usual attire: Fur

Rauthgar provides his followers with major access to the following spells:

Spell Name                  Command       Glev Cat  Sphere
Sanctuary                   sanctuary      11   M   Protection
Goodberry                   goodberry      12   H   Nature
Animal Growth               growth         14   M   Nature
Tree                        tree           14   M   Nature
Taproot                     taproot        15   M   Nature
Holy/Unholy Retribution     retribution    17   M   Protection


Quahog, Shadowspawn, Starspawn, and Wylikat.

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Inscribed -- March 5, 2000

Followers Inscribed by: Ibix -- June 22, 1999