Torickii is the God of Peace and Love.

Alignment: Light
Spheres: Charm and Protection
HP Influence: Strong
SP Influence: Weak
Restrictions: Only leather armour

Torickii provides his followers with major access to the following spells:

Spell Name                  Command       Glev Cat  Sphere
Bless                       bless          10   M   Charm
Enthrall                    enthrall       11   M   Charm
Sanctuary                   sanctuary      11   M   Protection
Hallucinatory Forest        hforest        12   M   Charm
Remove Paralysis            rempar         13   M   Charm
Curse                       curse          14   M   Charm
Beneficence                 beneficence    15   M   Charm
Holy/Unholy Retribution     retribution    17   M   Protection



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Inscribed -- March 5, 2000

Followers Inscribed by: Ibix -- June 22, 1999