Struggle of the Gods

Background Information about the Gods who are mentioned in this note.

Morike, Goddess of Life and Healing: She's the most popular deity in the priest guild at present. Recent changes in the Guild are her doing. She holds life as the most precious resource in creation and will go to any lengths to protect it. Good or evil, it matters not. The only things she is known to dislike are death, disease and undead. Alignment: Good.

Galan, God of the Gods, the Creator: He's the most powerful God. Unlike all the other Gods in the guild, you cannot choose him. You become his priest by attaining guild level 50. He does not normally interfere with matters of the other Gods unless requested. He generally allows the Gods to rule in their own spheres of influence and allows them to rule over the priest guild by majority vote. However, he tends to almost always side with Morike on tie votes. Alignment: Neutral.

Lleyanna, Goddess of Hunting: She's the most restricted of the Healing Gods. As such, she has the fewest worshippers. She is also the Goddess of the Hunter subclass in our guild, and a lesser God of warriors. She tends to be wary of strangers, but will not refuse to aid anyone in need who calls on her. It is well known that she often rescues children and animals from predators. She dislikes war, but will not refuse the call of battle if innocents are endangered. Alignment: Neutral.

Kalas, God of Death and Disease: He's one of the combat Gods and is so weak that he cannot even empower any new priests to join his ranks. He blames Morike because her sphere of power was greatly increased while his was diminished. The enmity between him and Morike is incredible. Their spheres of power are opposed to each other. Alignment: Evil.

Kyron, God of War and Greed: He's another one of the combat Gods. His sphere of influence started out strong but has greatly diminished over the past few years. Now, he can barely empower the priests who currently worship him. He cannot accept any new priests into his order. Although an evil god, he is a master at manipulation and tries to play at all sides of the table to come out on top. Alignment: Evil.

 As twilight begins to set in this section of the forests of Elysium,
 shadows of the towering trees fall across the sparkling spring before
 you.  Lush emerald green grass spreads like wildfire across the moist
 forest floor.  The sound of birds calling their young home for the
 night echoes throughout this plane of existence.   To the distant
 north, you can see a mountain peak stabbing through the overcast sky.
 Obvious exits: North, South, East, West.
  A large stag.

Lleyanna moves silently through the forests' edge, slowly moving towards
her prey.

The white stag bends its neck, and begins to drink from the spring of
refreshing water.

Lleyanna steps into the shadow of a tree and quietly grabs the quiver of
an arrow to knock her bow.

Raising its head, the stag's ears suddenly shoot up, and it bolts for the

Quickly taking aim, Lleyanna fires two arrows from her oakbow.
Whizzing through the air, one of the arrows sticks the deer
in its neck, while the other lances into the stag's calf.  *Thud*

Falling to the ground in agony, the deer's body begins to twitch as its
blood flows into the already moist forest floor. 

Lleyanna whispers: I sense no other predator within this area, I wonder
                   what could have startled that stag, Iknow it certainly
                   wasn't me.

Lleyanna's leather boots glide across the ground as she moves towards the
stag, ready to put it out of its misery.

As she gets within a few yards of the twitching deer, its body suddenly
goes ridged, stops twitching and begins to rot away.

Lleyanna yells: What the!??!!

A ghostly figure begins to take shape over the rotted remains of the once
majestic stag.

Lleyanna growls: Kalas, how dare you come to Elysium, this is my plane!
                 And to steal my prey, have you become so pitiful you
                 don't have the strength to kill your own?

Kalas sneers: The reaper knows no bounds, no plane is safe from death's
              icy grip.  Careful what you say, woman, not even you are
              safe from my realm.

Lleyanna laughs.
Lleyanna says: You're sphere has grown so weak, fighting a mortal Demi-god
               would be more of a challenge.

Kalas glares at Lleyanna in contempt.
Kalas says: Beware Goddess, I did not come here to fight you, but I shall
            if you keep addressing me in such a pitiful manner.

Lleyanna raises her arms to the heavens and calls down a pillar of golden
flames on Kalas.

Kalas throws up his arms and is surrounded by a sphere of energy.
The pillar of flames smashes into the sphere and destroys it, slightly
singeing Kalas's still ethereal form in the process.

Lleyanna yells: You forget where you are godling, this is my plane, my
                realm of power.  Even Galan himself wouldn't be able to
                defeat me easily here.

Kalas hisses: I shall claim your soul, as I have billions of others.

Tendrils of black energy shoot out of Kalas's hands, burrowing into the
ground.  The remains of dozens of deceased animals fly into a mass of
bones and rise into the air, and begin to take on the shape of a

A loud voice booms: ENOUGH!!!

With that the figure of a tall, handsome warrior begins to take shape as
the mass of bones suddenly explodes.

Kyron pleads: Peace Lleyanna, we come in peace, stop this madness now.

Lleyanna glares at both Kalas and Kyron.

Lleyanna sneers: Coming from the God of War, that doesn't exactly sound
                 very reassuring.

Kalas grins.
Kyron shakes his head and sighs.

Lleyanna says: Why are you both in Elysium?  Do you honestly believe even
               the two of you have the combined strength to defeat me here?

Kalas sneers: Not so sure of yourself now, are you Lleyanna?

Lleyanna says: I'm more then capable of handling the likes of you!

Kyron booms: Stop it Kalas, Lleyanna is correct.  Here on her plane, even
             our combined might is no match for her.

Lleyanna laughs: Combined might, ha.  More like combined weakness.

Near Kalas's ghostly form, the grass and trees begin to rot away as he
shakes with rage.

Kyron says: I loathe to admit it, Lleyanna, but you are partly correct. 
            Both Kalas and I are weaker then we should be.  Which
            is why we are here.

Lleyanna says: How is coming here and stealing my prey going to help
               your sphere of influence, Kyron?  I have to admit adding a
               stag to Kalas' realm might increase his pitiful sphere,
               but what do you gain?

Kalas fumes with anger.

Kyron chuckles.

Kyron says: Our reason for being here is simple. We hope
            to make you see what's been going on since Galan allowed
            Morike to have her way.  We've all been diminished by her
            selfish acts.

Lleyanna giggles: If you think you can turn me against Morike, you're
                  more desperate then I gave you credit for.

Kalas fumes: That witch Morike has stolen power from all of our spheres
             to fuel her ambition.  And because of it, not only have we
             grown weaker, but so have all of our worshippers.  Can
             you honestly admit you're as strong as you should be?  As
             strong as you were?  How fare the few worshippers you have

Lleyanna says: It wasn't just Morike's will, it was the majority will of
               all the Gods.  Can it be helped if you got on the losing

Kyron growls: A very slim, very narrow majority, Lleyanna.  And we are not
              here to try and convince you to support anything that will
              reverse it.  Simply hear us out.

Lleyanna grumbles.

Kalas says: Is your mind so closed to change? Are you so sure of Morike's
            wisdom that you can't even make decisions for yourself?

Kyron says: Kalas makes a good point, Lleyanna.  Are you so bound
            by the rules of 'Light' you can't even hear us out?

Lleyanna sneers: My path is Neutrality, Kyron.  You should know that.  I
                 may favor the innocent, but the path of Light can sway
                 to the path of Dark if it gains too much power.

Kalas exclaims: Then you admit what Morike has done is corrupt and wrong?

Lleyanna whispers: I didn't say that.

Kyron says: No you didn't, but that isn't the point. Kalas' hate of
            Morike blinds him to everything else.

Kalas shakes with rage.

Kalas hisses: If it wasn't for that witch, I'd still be able to collect the
              souls of all those my Priests have killed. Thanks to her, I
              have none.  My sphere of influence shrinks with each day.  I
              survive only by stealing what life force I can collect from
              the corpses I come across.  Of course, that wouldn't be a
              problem if Galan would allow us to walk the realms of mortals.

Lleyanna laughs: If you've come here to try to get me to go against
                 Galan on that, you might as well go back to your own
                 planes and rot.

Kyron says: Of course not, that could lead to another war of the Gods.
            None of us wants that.  We simply wish to find other ways
            to increase our spheres, to survive and gain more power.
            Surely even you have tried to consider ways to do that?

Lleyanna says: Of course, but....

Kalas screams: But nothing, Lleyanna.  Just listen to what Kyron has to

Kyron clears his throat.

Kyron says: Now, as I was saying, I believe I have figured out a way
            to increase the power of all three of our spheres without
            going against the Majority's will.

Lleyanna sighs: Then why not bring it out in the open,instead of coming
                here and bothering me?  Why not bring together a council
                of all the Gods and discuss it?  What are you hiding?

Kyron says: Simply put, I came here to tell you about it because you can
            gain something from it.  I came to talk to you before calling
            a council, because Morike will openly oppose it.  If she
            does, then so will the rest of the Gods of Light.  And if it
            turns into Us versus Them again, we all lose out.

Lleyanna says: If Morike will oppose it and it gives the rest of the Gods
               of Light concern, then I honestly doubt your offer will
               appeal to me.

Kalas hisses: Listen to yourself--you don't even know what it is and you
              already think you'll be opposed to it?  Just because the
              Gods of light will take Morikes' side as usual?  Where is
              your so called 'Neutrality' now?

Lleyanna fumes: How dare you question my devotion to my path, you ignorant
                little worm!  If it's something the two of you cooked up
                how can you expect me not to be suspicious?

Kyron says: Perfectly logical response Lleyanna, just please hear me out
            then decide, ok?

Lleyanna sighs: Go on......

Kalas grins.

Kyrons says: It would be a simple thing to do.  And it could increase each
             of our spheres of influence alittle, and give us some power
             each time a priest kills something with it.

Lleyanna says: You're beating around the bush Kyron, just spit it out so
               I can throw Kalas out of my plane.

Kalas says: Hey, wha

Kyron booms: Shut up Kalas!

Kalas glares at Kyron and falls silent.

Lleyanna grins.

Kyron says: All I suggest we do is each take one prayer or spell to which most
            of the priests have access.  We then create a direct link between 
            that spell and ourselves.  By doing that, we would not only 
            supercharge that spell, but also get a bit of the life force from 
            anything killed by that particular spell.  We increase our own power
            and theirs as well.

Lleyanna says: Galan would never allow that.  It rob the
               priest's god of lifeforce and therefore the soul of the
               creature killed.  The priest would also lose the mana
               normally received for transferring a soul to their God.
               Add in the fact that we are not allowed to alter any priest's
               divine link with their God, and you have to realize it'll
               never get past Galan.

Kalas hisses: That’s not what he said it would do.  You're jumping to
              conclusions again.

Lleyanna glares at Kalas.
Lleyanna says: Very well, correct me if I'm wrong.

Kyron says: You are partly right, Lleyanna.  You are correct that
            we are not allowed to alter or interfere with a God's link to
            their worshipper.   And you would be correct about stealing
            the soul of the creature killed, if we took the life force
            from the corpse directly.  However, I am suggesting we take
            the life force that escapes the body before the body dies.
            Not what remains after it is dead.  We wouldn't be stealing
            the soul from any God or mana from any priest.

Lleyanna says: You're forgetting the part that we somehow do this without
               interfering with a Priests divine link to their God.

Kalas hisses: That's the sneaky part.

Kyron says: Kalas is right, that is the sneaky part.  We can't interfere
            with a Gods link to their worshippers, but we can effect any
            spell that happens to fall within the sphere we control.

Lleyanna whispers: But... but none of us has total control over any sphere.
                   We all share the power they grant our worshippers.  Some
                   of us just have a stronger link to certain spheres then
                   other Gods do.  How could we claim total control over
                   any prayer or spell located within them?

Kalas cackles insanely.

Kyron says: That's the perfect part, each of the three of us already has
            a spell totally under our control.  But we grant it to the
            spheres we share with other Gods, so they and their priests
            can use them.

Lleyanna says: Faerie fire?
Lleyanna laughs.

Lleyanna says: How do you expect me to drain life force with a spell
               that doesn't cause damage?

Kalas grins.

Kyron says: The aura from Faerie fire would surround the creature, correct?

Lleyanna nods.

Kyron says: With a direct link to that aura, you could take the life force
            that is escaping the body while it is injured.

Kalas says: Hey, don't feel bad Lleyanna, I didn't understand what Kyron
            meant at first ether.

Lleyanna whispers: You do know Morike will oppose this.  It will cause lives
                   to be lost.  We will be encouraging the worshippers of
                   all the Gods to kill more often.

Kyron snickers: That's why we approached you. We knew Morike would oppose
                it, and all the Light Gods would follow her. But think about
                it--all of our priests do already kill.  These abilities
                would simply allow them to avoid being killed themselves.

Kalas fumes: The other Gods of light will only oppose this because it helps
             Kyron and me regain some of our lost power.After hearing
             what we've said, can you say that wouldn't be the only reason
             you'd oppose us as well?

Lleyanna bites her lip.

Kyron says: We would gain a little more power, that's all. In the process, we'd
            be helping all Priests some.  It sounds Neutral to me.  What
            do you say,  Lleyanna?

Lleyanna fumes: First off, I don't think you know the first thing about what
                'Neutrality' means.

Lleyanna says: Secondly I want to know to which spell you and Kalas plan on
               creating a link.  I don't believe for a second you're
               not hiding something.

Kalas hisses: We hide nothing Lleyanna, we simply wish to regain some of
              our power, is that wrong?  The fact allPriests get something
              out of it isn't something I want!  Do you think I want to help
              any of that witch Morike's followers? I regain some of my lost
              power--that's all that matters to me!

Kyron says: Your hatred of Morike is a weakness, Kalas.  It weakens us all.

Lleyanna growls: Neither of you answered my question. Which spell do each
                 of you plan on empowering?

Kalas hisses: I plan on empowering 'Blade barrier'. Each time it cuts
              someone, I'll be able to absorb the lost life force.

Kalas cackles.

Lleyanna says: Kyron?

Kyron smiles.

Kyron says: Why, that should be obvious, Lleyanna.  What else would the God
            of War empower besides weapons?  I'll be empowering 'Enchant',
            so I'll gain a little life force each time someone uses a priest
            enchanted weapon to hurt or kill something.

Lleyanna says: You do realize it won't be easy to get these changes past

Kalas hisses: Galan has been so distracted since Ibix started calling on
              him for aid that he probably won't even attend the council. This
              will be a majority vote.

Lleyanna whispers: You're still going to have to convince at least two more
                   Gods.  Your only hope is to speak with two more Gods of
                   the Neutral path.  If you have any hope of convincing them,
                   you'd best do it before you call a council meeting.

Kyron says: I trust in the Gods of Neutrality to be fair.  We only came
            to speak with you because we realized your own sphere of
            power had also been diminished since Morike's requested changes
            went into effect.  Although you haven't been as affected as
            we have, I didn't think it would hurt to give you the choice.

Kalas says: Well, Lleyanna?  Or is your so called 'Neutrality' a farce that
            only appears to be uncorrupted?

Lleyanna raises her hand and shoots a bolt of golden energy at Kalas.

Kalas hisses: What the...

A sphere of golden energy engulfs Kalas and teleports him away.

Kyron grins.

Kyron says: He does get on your nerves after awhile, doesn't he?

Lleyanna growls: I'm almost tempted to go kill him before his sphere
                 begins to ascend back to power.

Kyron blinks.

Kyron says: Then you'll support our request?

Lleyanna says: I just said as much, didn't I?!!??!

Kyron smiles warmly.

Kyron says: Thank you, Lleyanna.  You won't regret this.

Lleyanna whispers: Somehow I know I will.

Lleyanna says: Now get the hell out of Elysium!

Lleyanna points at Kyron and hits him with a ray of golden energy.

Kyron is engulfed by a sphere of golden energy and is teleported away.

Kalas appears out of thin air.

Kalas hisses: Well?

Kyron booms: Quiet!

Kyron raises his arms and surrounds the two in a sphere of red energy.

Kyron booms: You fool, you'll need to learn to be more cautious.

Kalas hisses: Oh, nobody is watching us, Lleyanna is too angry. She'll be
              out hunting another animal to get her aggressions out.  And
              Galan has been so distracted since Ibix attained the rank
              of Chosen that he hardly does anything these days.

Kyron booms: You're a fool Kalas.  Don't believe Galan will always stay
             distracted.  He's not used to having to deal with mortals,
             but that will change.  We need to use this opportunity to our
             best advantage.  And don't be stupid enough to think this
             sphere of obscurement would fog his ability to hear or see

Kalas glares at Kyron.

Kalas hisses: Well did she buy it?  Will she support us before the council?

Kyron laughs.

Kyron says: Oh, she bought it all right.

Kalas almost smiles--it looks more like a frown.

Kalas hisses: Do you think she suspects us....

Kyron booms: SHUT UP!

Kyron says: Don't even mention it.

Kalas hisses: Well which other God of Neutrality should we approach?

Kyron grins.

Kyron says: None.

Kalas growls: What!?!??

Kyron booms: Don't be a fool Kalas, if we approach any of the other Gods,
             there is a chance Morike or Galan will find out.  Leave it be.

Kalas hisses: But we need two more Gods, or it'll come down to a tie vote
              and we'll need Galan to break it.  He'll side with Morike
              as usual.

Kyron snickers: You know nothing of manipulation, Kalas. The reason I
                choose Lleyanna was because, out of all the healing gods,
                she has always had the fewest priests following her.
                She's always had to deal with being the least popular. 
                That left resentment she didn't know even existed.
                The resentment combined with her own natural predator
                instincts was all we needed to turn her to our side.
                You did a nice job making her overpower you. That made
                her feel superior and made her defenses drop.  And your
                pressing on her about remaining neutral was a nice touch
                as well.

Kalas hisses: You told me to anger her.  I didn't actually think she'd
              attack me though.

Kyron laughs.

Kyron says: I thought she would.

Kalas glares at Kyron.

Kalas hisses: You mean it was all part of your plan?

Kyron booms: Of course!

Kalas hisses: Why not tell me, why make me look like a fool?

Kyron says: Because you play the fool better then the manipulator.

Kalas hisses: Why you fu...

Kyron booms: Enough!

Kalas hisses: I still think we should try to turn at least one more Neutral

Kyron says: We don't need to, you idiot.  Jodan is the God of Balance and
            Neutrality.  He will side with us because of that.

Kalas hisses: But that still leaves a tie vote.  If that happens,
              Galan will get involved.

Kyron rolls his eyes.

Kyron says: Gaia will of course side with Morike--they're sisters.
            But Maz's sphere of influence has been equally diminished
            like ours.  It's more likely he'll side with us.

Kalas hisses: But you're taking too many risks, we need to make sure he will.

Kyron growls: Maz is the God of Fate. We should leave it up to him.  Let
              fate decide--that's fitting.  Bothering him would make him
              feel biased, and then he'd either choose not to vote or to
              vote against us because of that.

Kalas hisses: But....

Kyron points at Kalas and shoots a beam of red energy at him.

Kyron booms: Shut up for once in your life, and get out of my face!

Kalas is engulfed by a sphere of red energy and vanishes.

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