Topic: Arena

The Arena is a place where players may go to test their mettle against
each other.  Players may bring whatever they can carry, and use most
of their guild abilities.  Some abilities may be restricted or not work.
In addition, there is a damage cap on each separate attack that occurs in
the arena.  So testing your mettle here does not 100% accurately equate
to a simulated player-killer fight.

Combatants may select either one-on-one fights, or enter the 'groupdeath'
area, where they may engage in massive free for alls.  Either way, the
rooms used in the arena are 'no teleport', which means servants and
NPC assistants from your guild powers may not typically be summoned or

It is critically important to note that complaining to the powers that
be that you think so-and-so's guild is too powerful because they ripped
you to pieces in the arena is one of the highest things on the @hired:'Don't
do this if you wish to live'@ list.  The Arena has had a very long,
bloody history of this, and in the past it has caused nothing but trouble.
It was once removed entirely from the game due to the sheer amount of
'guild bitching' that was going on.  The Arena has once again opened, but
will not remain so if players continue to make it a headache for the powers
that be.

Despite the restrictions and warnings, players still greatly love the
Arena.  It is a place of much friendly (and not so friendly) competition.
Take heed, if you enter, you will be facing opponents much better prepared
than your every day mud monster.  If you wish to test your skills, look
for the Arena somewhere below the city of Pinnacle.

See also: pk, kill, clanworld, anarchy, invasion, bloodmatch, arenachat

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