Topic: Clanworld

Clan World, what is there to say. Clans, or groups of people,
get behind their respective leaders and kill. They kill all the
other clans. The goal, to kill and not be killed in the process.
To be the last clan alive. To be the king of the hill!

Clan Wars give each clan the chance to be victorious. 
It is a chance to show off your guild powers against other
players. Just like PK but you are with a clan and you don't 
have the experience loss.  Players vote on Clan Wars and
fight for the prestige of their Clan standing alone in the
Winners Circle.

Currently there is a cap of 30 clans. Once this cap is met all
others wishing to form a clan will be held in queue. Also each
clan has a level cap of 500. So be careful when you are planning
who you want in your clan.

If you are interested in joining a clan, come to the Clan Room
just north of login and post your request to become involved.
Another good way is to contact a Clan Leader or Clan Recruiter
directly, especially if you know them through your own guild.

See also: pk, kill, arena,anarchy, invasion, bloodmatch

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