Topic: PK

PK is PK.  Read the PK board for more information or ask some other
mud folks.

	Lastly, a LOG has been installed that records when PKers LD or quit
out of battle. The punishment for doing this will be 1 off of your primary
stat and 1 off of a secondary stat of random choice. Why? Because quitting
out of battle ruins the essence of PK.

Addendum May 1998 - Non PKers.
If a person of Non PK status chooses to participate in the demise or triumph
of a PK player, that person is in essence claiming their desire to be PK.
This desire will be granted.  Let me spell this out in very clear terms:
If you are not PK and you help a PKer to live or die in a battle, you will
be patched PK yourself.  This means healing, giving potions, tracking
locations, or aiding in some other way.  I don't care what your guild
policy is, so read this a few times if it wasn't clear.

Oh, and mentioning PK to any admin, or bitching about it, or discussing
it anywhere beyond the confines of PK sanctioned areas is grounds for death.

See also: kill, arena, clanworld, anarchy, invasion, bloodmatch

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