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1) The 'newb' line is NOT a gossip line or a chatter line or even a guild
   advertisement line.  Please do not use it as such or you will be removed
   from it.  The line is to hook up newbies with people knowledgeable in the
   mud, and to answer some of their specific questions.

2) Please keep spam to a minimum.  The line should be used for introducing 
   newbies to some of the commands and to who you are, and then you should 
   be taking things to tells to become more personal.  See below for some 
   hints on helping in that respect.  Keep the "I agree" and "Me too" to a 
   minimum also, because these newbies really can't handle the spam we're 
   all normally used to.

3) Encourage newbies to wait on Newbie Academy - help them get some
    equipment and get killing in the newbie playground first.

4) You can help newbies with Newbie Academy by only directing them to 
   commands or help files regarding their question.

5) Do *not* set up a newbie to be completely dependent on you, or you will 
   regret it in the long run.  Try to make them self-sufficient without
   completely frustrating them.


A lot of newbies are intimidated by the fact that there are 20+ newbie helpers 
trying to spam them with answers.  Please keep these things in mind.  

Start off every conversation with a good rapport.

In a personal conversation, make sure you address them directly so they
know you're talking to them.

Other important factors:

1) If they don't respond initially, continue to address them until you're
   sure they understand how to use the line and get help.

2) Positive communication patterns:  Take the time to listen to the newbie. 
   When they ask a question, listen and then try to answer.  If you don't
   know the answer, and no one has responded in 10-20 seconds, then answer
   with "I don't know" so that the newbie knows they're being heard.

3) High degree of commitment... Take it to personal tells.  Once you've
   established that they know how to use the line and tells, it'll keep
   the spam down if you continue the conversation using tell.

4) After several minutes of no chatter from a newbie you should re-engage
   them in conversation to see if they're having difficulties or would
   rather be left alone.

5) Newbies are not babies.  Don't treat them like 5 year olds, but try to
   imagine how the mud would look to you if you'd never seen one before and
   your only experience is Diablo II or Wizardry type games.

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