Topic: Whoguilds
Last Updated 4/18/03
    Guild           Main Guild Wiz     Assistant Guild Wizards
    Adventurer      Dynon
    Angels          Takamori           Aneki
    Bards           Rastafan           Alayna         
    Breed           Skeet              Zimpor, Ryft
    Changlings      Tharog             Slick, Aztec
    Elementals      Rastafan           
    Fremen          Olower             Razorx
    Gentech         Pistil
    Jedi            Nanook             Druss
    Juggernauts     Dynon              Kendric
    Knights         Olfin              Rumor
    Mages           Solo           
    Monks           Rastafan           
    Necromancers    Tensor             Nanook, Pistil, Talismon, Lauranna
    Priests         Tramane            Adalius, Mosiah, Thyros
    Warders         Druss              Arrion, Vryce
   New Guilds or Recode Efforts:
    Bladesingers:   Druss, Arrion, Vryce
    Cyborg:         Olower,Hobbes
    Numina:         Lostar, Skinless
    Illuminati:     Indium
    Marines:        Dynon
    Witches:        Dayln,Samiel
    Sii:            Stelari, Casso
   Guild Glass Case:
    Adventurers:    Adventurer's Handbook
    Angels:         A ???
    Bards:          A Book of Songs
    Breed:          A Quintar Crystal Amulet
    Changlings:     A Psuedopod
    Cybercorps:     A cybernetic interface
    Elementals:     A vortex to the elemental planes
    Fremen:         Fremen stillsuit
    Gentech:        A Gentech Lower Arm Casing
    Jedi:           A small cube of crystal
    Juggernauts:    The Juggernaut Main Armor
    Knights:        A Knightly Crest
    Mages:          A Leather Bound Spellbook
    Monks:          A kimono
    Necromancers:   Rod of Necromancy
    Priests:        Priest Robes
    Warders:        A fancloak

See also: guilds, wizards, wizzing

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