Topic: Guilds
  There are several guilds on Three Kingdoms.  The best way to find out 
   about any guild is to ask a member of that guild.  To find out who is 
   in which guild you can type: 'finger'  which will show everyone online 
   and which guild they are in.  Or you can @cyan:'finger '@ to find out 
   which guild a specific person is in.  Finally, there is also the
   command 'players [guild]' which will list all the players that are on
   from a particular guild.  Note: for this last command, if there does
   not seem to be anybody on from a guild you typed, add or remove an 's'
   from the guild that you tried--some guilds are in the plural case while
   others are not. :)
The following is a list of currently-active guilds:
  Adventurer            Angels                  Bard
  Breed                 Changeling              Cybercorps
  Elemental             Fremen                  Gentech    
  Jedi                  Juggernaut              Knight 
  Mage                  Monk                    Necromancer
  Priest                Warder

 For some standard information about a particular active guild, type:
  help [guild name]  As in: help necromancer.   Remember to please 
  address them in lowercase.

Currently, you must be level 5 before you may join any of the guilds
besides adventurers.  Please contact a member from a guild in which
you are interested to find out recruitment information.

See also: adventurer, bards, cybercorp, elemental, fremen, jedi
juggernaut, knight, mage, monk, necromancer, priest, warder, breed
gentech, angels, changeling

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