Topic: Player Wizzing
After completing the quest point and level requirements to become a wizard
of the 3 Kingdoms, a player may type 'wizmenow' within their guild hall and
the titled wizards of 3K will discuss the possibilities of the player
joining the ranks of wizhood.  The player will then be given an interview
by a titled wizard.  After the interview the petition to wiz will be posted
by the interviewer to the rest of the titled wizards.  Usually within a week
a decision will be reached and the player will either be allowed to advance
to level 500 or will continue playing.  Some of the reasons for a player not
becoming a wizard are the following:

* A record of quest cheating
* A record of botting
* A record of harassment
* A record of bug abuse
* A record of any infraction deemed illegal (see help rules)
* A record of being a jackass
* Other people are in the queue

The titled wizards of the 3 Kingdoms reserve the right to deny wizhood to
any player requesting wizhood at any time for any reason.

While you are in a holding pattern after your interview, review the following.

Once you advance 500, you will be able to read the man files and learn about
just how much work is involved in being a coding wizard on 3K.  After one
week of reading them, you then have to make a choice.  You either bail at
that point, returning to your previous player status, or you commit yourself
to wizardship.  You will not necessarily be raised to level 510 (true wizard)
at that point, but you will never be able to return to your previous player

Once you commit, you will be responsible for completion of reasonable wizard
work within 6 months.  If you fail to to do so within that time, you will be
removed.  The definition of "reasonable wizard work" can be loosely defined
by at least one non-trivial wizard area along with plans for advancing
yourself within the wizard ranks beyond these areas.  Your sponsor and the
admin hold sway in this matter.

If, at any time before the 6 month timeframe is complete, you are determined
to have abandoned your wizard duties without just cause, your character will
be removed.  Determination of this will be done primarily by your sponsor,
with other titled wizard input.

Bottom line, wizzing is a wonderful thing that allows you to actually
contribute to making 3K a permanently better place.  However, you should
not do it unless you are willing and able to put in the work to make it
worthwhile.  Above all, don't wiz because you view it as some sort of
"retirement" from playing, which it most certainly is not.

See also: rules, quest, method, highmortal, wizard

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