Topic: Seconds

A second character is defined as a player character who is played
by someone who already has another player character on 3k, no
matter how long ago either character was played.

Second characters on Three Kingdoms are ILLEGAL until you reach
level 65(+HM).  And then, you are allowed ONE extra character which
MUST BE REGISTERED!!!!  Failure to create and register your second 
character with the aid of a lord-level wizard or higher constitutes a
violation of the privilege and you will be subject to the punishments
any other character would face in light of playing a second character,
which may be but is not necessarily the wiping of the higher level of 
your characters!

Furthermore, if your second character reaches level 65, you may not 
have yet another character--you get only two, ever.

Standard punishment for dealing with second characters is removal
of the highest level character.  Often times both will be removed.
Similarly, if you are over level 65 and have a second char that
is NOT registered, it will be dealt with as above. To register a
second character (if you are over level 65(+HM)) contact a Lord.

Login of both characters within the same reboot follows the below rules:
  1) You cannot login a character when the "other" is already logged in
  2) You must wait 30 minutes from the logout of your one character
     before you will be able to login the "other" character
  3) You can login the same character again immediately, without delay
  4) Linkdead characters are considered to be "logged in"
Some standard rules about your second char:

 * Other players will not know if you have a second character, but
   all titled wizards do.  So don't screw around.  ANYTHING that your
   second character does can be used against your main character,
   especially bug abuse, etc.  Most likely, the highest of your
   two characters will be dealt punishment, and the lowest wiped.
   You may even lose your privilege of having a second char - ever.

 * All rules still apply to your second character.  This may seem
   obvious but some people need things spelled out for them.

 * There are probably more things, they will be added as we come up
   with them.  Ignorance of the contents of this file is not a valid
   excuse for breaking the rules.

See also: rules, punishment, register, quest, highmortal

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