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OMP 1998


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Aug 19-Oct 1

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Introduction to the first 3K OMP (June 20-21, 1998):

Mudders from all over the world converged at the Comfort Inn, in Fairfax, VA for the first Three Kingdoms Official Mud Party. Held on the weekend of June 20-21st, the 3K OMP involved over 150 people, from players to wizards and their friends who showed up to enjoy the festivities. For many of these people, they had only know each other via the text based MUD, and so meeting each other face to face was quite a joy (or surprise).

The night's entertainment consisted of games, such as a scavenger hunt and a word puzzles, to a prize raffle and a "best buns" competion, judged by the ladies. Prizes from the games and raffles ranged from bonus stats and quest points to a zip drive and free games.

A good time was had by all, and already plans are being laid for the second 3K Official Mud Party ... keep July 1999 open, and stay tuned!


Several prizes were earned and won during the night. From take-home door prizes, donate by players and wizards such as a Zip drive, to T-shirts, to Mud-based awards.

Following is a list of the lucky winners!

Minor door prizes:

Wyrd, Malk, Tuesdai, Cheyenne, Kinslayer, Spathi,Crusher, Lovecraft, Arkeen, Donovan, Alika,Faerl, Kramer,Rastafan, Janina, Calvin, Guest1, Cerberus, Zarine, Sikk,Talamon, Blythe,Fortunato, Ladydeath, Kellori, George,Jamil, Bianca, Stilgar, Quick, Faze

Major Door Prizes:

  • Paperback Wheel of Time Series: Phantasy
  • Hardback Wheel of Time Series: Vraal
  • Witch Globe: Taffy
  • Pure Silver Cross: Herzog
  • The Official Tensor (tm) Lamp: Dreamer
  • Blockbuster Gift Certificates: Pain, Shadowspawn, Rakk, Zaretal, Vermillion
  • Dagger: Mickey
  • The Official Admission Marbles: Frogurt
  • The Guest Signature Lists including the special Western quest hint: Waytu
  • The "real" art (a framed painting by "some guy" as Tensor put it): Wylikat

Games Winners: Word Scramble

  • Vryce
  • Arkeen, Donovan, Kilbane, Ravill
  • Starflame, Mickey
  • Arawn
  • Kitila

Game Winners: Find the Character

  • William, Wylikat, Dreamer
  • Laur
  • Arawn

Game Winners: Scavenger Hunt

  • Relkin, Kilbaine, Arkeen, Donovan, Ravill
  • Waytu, Crolack, Javneh, Tuesdai, Frogurt, Vryce
  • Groosh, Riptide, Demonspawn, Xanth, Tsornin, Odyssey

Special Contests: Best Buns

  • Tranzic
    Imported from Sweden, this blonde charmer wiggled and bounced for the judges. Rumour has it that other PKers now have a bounty on his butt, not just his head.


Special thanks to all of the players and wizards who worked hard to make this a success. Some people have continued to contribute even after the event, by posting their party pictures for online viewing:

Unfortunately with time links die. Check the other other OMP pages for more pictures.

  • Geba's album
  • Arkeen's album
  • Ladydeath's album
  • Janina's album
  • Quizzie's album
  • Crolack's album


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