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Visit the Portal© home page at GameAxle.com

3Kingdoms is a virtual world of tremendous proportions. With over 400 unique areas and 50,000 rooms, 3Kingdoms has an active player base in the thousands with over one hundred developing game wizards. Many of these players use clients to make their gaming experience an easier one, while others still use a simple telnet application. Every player has their preference, and debates on superiority are long and fierce.

But finally, there is a single, best choice. Developed exclusively by 3Kingdoms' creators, the Portal© for Windows will help you experience the most advanced multi-player game on the Internet. The new player will find it simple to log on and get started, while those with years under their belts will discover all the features they want that are quick and easy to learn.

Visit the official Portal© web site at GameAxle.com for a preview of the product and a list of the available download sites for your own copy.

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