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Spread the word!
Download a flyer!

Here you can find flyers which you can use to help spread the awesome word about how cool it is to play both 3Kingdoms and 3Scapes. Feel free to download, print out/copy as many as you like and then post them anywhere you can think of. We've presented them to you here in color, but you're welcome to print tham out/copy them in B&W and go to town with them - literally.

Some ideas for posting the flyers:

  • University Campuses
  • Student Unions
  • Youth Groups
  • Local Community Boards
  • Company Breakrooms
  • Internet Gatherings
  • Sporting Events
  • Bathrooms
  • Churches
  • ...and anywhere else that allows for posting of free advertisements
When posting any of the flyers, we ask that you please adhere to all local posting laws and/or governances.

Click on any image below to view or save-as the .pdf file for that flyer, and thanks for helping get the word out about your favorite game!


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