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The City of Pinnacle (click map at right to enlarge)
The towering spires of the grand city of Pinnacle welcome you with its splendor! Serving as the central point of both origin and final destination as you travel the realms of 3Kingdoms, Pinnacle connects each of them as a spectactular hub to your adventures. Teeming with all sorts of characters and housing a myriad of shops and services, this crown jewel of 3Kingdoms also provides you with the gateway to Newbieland. Rich with history and ripe with intrigue, the city of cities beckons you to discover its hidden secrets.

The Realm of Fantasy (click map at right to enlarge)
From the dank swamps south of the thriving city of Wayhaven to the icy reaches of Niroth, this gargantuan realm poses a challenge to any would-be explorer. Rich in original theme and boasting over 250 areas, Fantasy has something for every level of player. Dragons slumber in hidden grottos, dwarves mine the hills, elves reside in the forests, man toils in the cities and all manner of creatures both fair and foul roam the lands. Some only wish to live in peace while others lie in wait, eager to prey on unfortunate victims. So strap on your armour, grab your weapon, and don't forget your torch. Adventure awaits!

The Realm of Science (click map at right to enlarge)
Step through a portal into a realm waiting to be explored. From the shining cyber cities of New America to the desolate wastelands of the Techno-Ruins, the realm of Science offers a host of wonders as yet undiscovered. Explore Mars, and find out if it really does have a red sky - combat the Borg in a fight for survival - attempt to survive the perils of the deadly traffic of Atlanta, or just hang out at the Nano Cantina. Science offers a challenge for players of all levels. Step into the future and visit the realm of Science. You never never know what you'll find!

The Realm of Chaos (click map at right to enlarge)
Through the swirling vortex of mist and nightmare that brushes the northern edge of Pinnacle, you find the twisted realm of Chaos. Bring your wits, but leave your assumptions behind, because this realms will challenge your mind and blow away all that you think you know. Be you strong or weak, young or old, Chaos holds a place for you somewhere in its mystifying depths. Terrifying monsters coexist with cartoon heroes, fantastic characters mix with the unknown and the strange and familiar mingle to produce the unexpected. Come and expect the unexpected!


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