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3Kingdoms players can enjoy playing any of 16 full featured guilds. Every guild provides a unique line of advancement separate from standard player levels as well as unique combat and non-combat abilities for players to explore.

  • Adventurers
      The Adventurer guild is the guild you are in by default. You remain in this guild until you choose to join one of the full guilds. A full guild is one that is supported by a Guild Master and has a full range of powers, abilities and a guild hall. You may join a full guild upon reaching Level 5.
  • Bards
      Bards are people who travel the world and see most everything. They use the knowledge and wisdom to entertain and help others, as well as themselves. Their songs are magical, and provide them with some powers, none of which are extremely powerful, but rather helpful at times.
  • Bladesingers
      In the centuries since the fall of Myth Drannor, and the disappearance of the elves, man has fought on his own against the armies of the dark mages and the evils of the realms. Now, a few of those warriors from the past called Bladesingers have returned to teach a few dedicated humans the techniques of the old ways.
  • Breed
      The Breed are perhaps one of the eldest races of all time. Returned after aeons of self-imposed exile, they are armed with perhaps the most potent force of all--the power of the mind. For it is from within that psi is generated. The Breed, in general, are a secretive lot, believing that each person must forge his or her own destiny, unfettered and untainted by the ideas and opinions of others. Obtaining knowledge without understanding is a most dangerous thing.
  • Changelings
      Changelings reopened! Check back for an update.
  • Cyborgs
      Update coming
  • Elementals
      Elementals are a race of beings who are comprised solely of material from the elemental planes. Things like Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. The most powerful of the elementals are the MegaMentals, they have the ability to draw their power from any of the four elemental planes. They are a completely offensive guild, with very little defensive powers.
  • Fremen
      The Fremen are the desert inhabitants of Arrakis, aka Dune, as written by Frank Herbert in his classic Dune series. Fremen are fierce warriors, sly and powerful. Training includes various forms of combat and mental powers taught by a Bene Gesserit Reverend Mother.
  • Gentech
      The science of genetics and the complexities of technology meld into one within Gentech, forming an elite fighting force of soldier-scientists. Genetically enhanced soldiers from the far future, Gentech possess complete control over their minds, bodies and even the very foundation of the universe itself, time.
  • Jedi
      The Jedi Guild is a sci-fi guild based on the Star Wars Movie Trilogy and on the Jedi Role Playing Game. This guild is not one of those theme-less and over-powered guilds, it is rather a guild intended to offer unique powers to those players who are fans of Star Wars.
  • Juggernauts
      The Juggernaut's guild is mainly a defensively oriented guild We do not rely so much on the wiz bang effects of offensive weaponry, but pride ourselves on our ability to avoid being hit, as well as being able to keep on fighting in dire situations. The Juggernaut's best ability would be that of being able to take a whopping amount of damage and being able to go on.
  • Knights
      Members of the Knights Guild are dedicated to upholding their Code of Honour, and strive to live by it. The Knights have nine different Orders, each of which has a different combat philosophy and historical background. The Knights must follow the Code of Honor very carefully. If one cannot be honorable, one should not join this guild.
  • Mages
      Mages are modeled strictly after the AD&D version of the Magic User. They have a variety of spells at their disposal (over 100!) and are adept at many different modes of combat. They suffer in their lack of hit points but more than make up for it in the variety of defensive spells at their disposal. Mages are one of the most challenging guilds to play in due to the complexity of their combat tactics.
  • Monks
      The Monk is a born fighter, he needs only his bare hands to fight and requires no armor (nor can he wear much). Based roughly on Shaolin Monks, they have many different combat methods such as Dragon, Phoenix, Crane, Tiger and Serpent. Each form has its own benefits so Monks can specialize their fighting style. Defensively they focus upon not getting hit with powers such as dodge and defensive focus, but even if you do land a hit they can focus their chi so little damage is taken.
  • Necromancers
      What magic lies between the worlds of the living and the dead? If you could look upon it, would you really want to know? Tales abound of creatures taking varied forms, from foul frenzied beasts hellbent on rending the living limb from limb to ethereal forms, barely seen on the edge of vision before they stop their victim's heart with the chill of the grave. Frightened witnesses report of beings that charm their victims before sucking their very lifeblood, while others claim to have seen skeletal visages of death himself. Perhaps the most frightening are the claims that some of these death-dealing wraiths look as human as you or I, only to unleash the powers of death into a crowd, leaving none alive. All accounts agree on one thing, however: these beings appear to be neither alive nor dead. The unlucky claim to have seen rites of power performed with the very remains of the victims, though these tales are generally discounted because their encounters with the Necromancer has left them quite mad. Do you dare delve into the secrets and power of the Necromancer?
  • Priests
      Devoted followers of the gods are granted extraordinary powers by their deities. The powers vary from god to god, and include healing of wounds, inflicting damage on others, and control over weather, the elements, and nature itself.
  • Sii
      Update coming

Guilds constantly vary as the environment on 3Kingdoms changes. Powers are added and modified to continually allow players to expand their characters. From time to time, new guilds are added to the game to broaden the flavor of the MUD.


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