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The Path to 3Kingdoms


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Starting Out

The first thing you need to do is connect to 3K. There are multiple ways, so choose whichever works best for you. Whatever you use, you will use a host:port combination to connect. 3Kingdoms is 3k.org:3000 and 3Scapes is 3scapes.org:3200.
  • Connect via the web
  • Connect using a Mobile Client like those listed here
  • Connect via Anyterm over the web (bare bones, but this one can penetrate most firewalls)
  • Connect via Anyterm using Parimd (another firewall-be-damned option)
    Note: this requires a shell account on Parimd which offers lots of benefits (mention 3K for a discount!)
  • Connect via BoneClient (a java-based solution)
  • Connect via your computer's Telnet application (assuming you have telnet installed)
  • Connect using a dedicated client (this is by far the best option, and what you will want to use eventually because they offer so many options, scroll to the bottom of this page for more)
One more quick link. If you find yourself really beaten down by a firewall, here are some tips on using the magic of SSH tunneling that may help.

Ok, what next?

Once you connect you will see a screen something like the following...

 <Entering 3Kingdoms.  Enter your character name or press enter to continue>

Press enter and then the second screen looks something like this...

                      -=-=-=-=- 3*KINGDOMS -=-=-=-=-
                 Archons: A list of some overrated people
                   Solars: A list of some other people

       Mail to mud@3k.org for non-mud related connection problems
                 Login as "guest" to take a look around

Amylaar LPmud Version: 3.2.11-dev.710
Currently 105 of 300Reg/365HM/380 Hard Limit -  players on.
What is your name: 

From this second screen you need to choose a name for your character. We aren't like AOL or any of those lame places that make you add numbers to the end. In fact, we don't allow the use of numbers in names. So pick something, and if it comes up right away asking for a password, then you know that the name is taken. You will need to hit enter and start the connection process again. Keep in mind, no profanity or vulgar language is allowed in your character name.

Welcome Newbie

On 3Kingdoms we have a very vast newbie system. From a whole area dedicated to just newbie players to what we call Newbie Helpers. These are players who devote their time to help the new player get along. Once you pick your name and enter other information, which btw is not shared with anyone. You will be logged on.

The first bit of you will see is something like the following...

You are login #979 this boot.
There have been 6151381 logins since Thu Oct 12 18:17:14 1995.

[[NEWBIE ]] Newplayer has arrived.
3Kingdoms welcomes you!
A newbie helper runs in and hands you a pin.

Would you like a basic tutorial in how to play this MUD?
Please type "yes" or "no" and press "Enter".

It is strongly suggested that if you have never played on 3K or a mud, that you do the basic tutorial. Just read the screen and follow the prompts. If you need help at any time you have access to the "Newb" line. Just type (without the quotes) "newb hi i'm new, can someone please help me" then hit Enter.

Now, you think you're ready to take it to the next level?

Once you have a character name created, it is suggested that you use a client. A mud client is a program that you download and run on your local machine that will enhance your playing experience, and it is recommended that you get one as soon as you get your feet wet. There are many different clients out there depending on which OS you use. They all have different offerings, from built in mappers, aliases, macros, color, event triggers, scrollback and much more. Try one out, it will make a world of difference.

Windows Users:
Portal© GT for Windows
Hosted by GameAxle, tons of features, great usability and instant 3Kingdoms support
makes this the best client on the planet

3K Portal© Support Page
Portal© support including 3Kingdoms sound and image pack downloads

Mac Users:
MudWalker is an in-development open-source MUD client for Mac OS X (OSX)

Mobile Device Users:
Check out the Mobile Client Page for more information


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