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3 Kingdoms LP-MUD Home Page
3 Kingdoms Players

Uptime is: 3 days 13 hours 13 minutes 19 seconds
Reboot in: 12 hours 15 minutes 55 seconds

64 Visible Users Currently on 3 Kingdoms (Tue Feb 20 12:09:46 2018 EST)

[650]    A pile of Crolack (steaming)
[570]     Adalius the Grey Jedi Master
[550]    Optimus Andeddu Leader of the Autobots (transformed)
[139]    Locutus of Space the Divine Elder, Deign of Oblivion (XXIII) (good)
[137]     Parisienne Fatale (undead)
Sir Spy the time elemental (righteous)
#staywoke William #resist #metoo
[136]    xXx Killergate the ant {transcendental} (angelic)
13.6 On The Rictor Scale (Earthquake) Non-Sibi (satanic)
[Ghostly] Voodoo (nice)
[135]     Inix puts a bullet through the brainpan *squish* (mean)
[134]     Caboose (righteous)
Ziphe , Eye of Overlord (neutral)
[133]    Andromeda Ascendant (malicious)
Zartan the Jedi (very good)
[132]    GOAT Vampire Arahnapogue the Venerable Demi-God, Deign of Frost (XX) (neutral)
Calisp the Psicorps Second Lieutenant (corrupt)
[Ghostly] Havox Mystic Visionary of the Platinum Star (satanic)
Monstrous Mohan the ugly disgusting puddle of slime (chaotic evil)
Blue Team Nightrider says "MALO MORI QVAM DEDECORARI" ! (very good)
Rogue Sith is attacking you! (angelic)
[131]    A'Genzai'Doru Hsima Khe'lai the Flamewalker (Fin Gen) (good)
[130]     Al Pacino Jr (neutral)
Big Dog Byron eats you like Toto (righteous)
Tusked Raest the Jaghut Tyrant (pure)
Tuba the Venerable Demi-God, Sovereign of Twilight (XII) (pure)
-= Turd Anglesmith, Fancyman of Cornwood (corrupt)
Reviled, the Whisper the Quick Guardian of the Light (good)
[129]    Once Zor had Nightshade & Keeble as Wiz Gms! (good)
[128]    Cupid Saim the fat little Jedi Angel (chocolate) (malicious)
[124]    The Mellaous the Jedi (immoral)
[120]     Prismal (sinister)
[118]    The Nameless Man is Jacquen H'gar (corrupt)
[115]    My name is Mud the time elemental (very good)
[113]    Blessed Trout the Hellfish (saintly)
[112]     Finster the Psicorps Second Lieutenant (saintly)
Kendis the Jedi (malicious)
Blue Sky Orange Cream (nice)
[103]     Shenanigans sings "Scotchy Scotch Scotch..." (saintly)
[102]     Enon (corrupt)
Wag the Malevolent Hero of the Darkness (satanic)
[100]     Merrick A.K.A Homicide. Yes, Homicide. (angelic)
[97]     Stalk the Omnipotent Tin Android (malicious)
[94]    Army of Kremlin :: Technocore Insurgent [*] (saintly)
[88]    Scintillating Cala the Ka Initiate (angelic)
[87]     Malachi A'Ventus, the Bringer of Revelation (very good)
[85]    El Oh El the Clan Ghost Bear Juggernaut. (angelic)
[79]     Malfean the mortal Chummer Fenceman (righteous)
[74]     Octavian the Jensaarai Apprentice (pure)
[70]     Koth :: Leader of the Underground [Graduate] (pure)
[67]    *pizza power* Wulfy the turtle {deadly} (mean)
[63]    Monster Hunter Chomp the large creepy-looking rat {ferocious} (corrupt)
[60]    Bladesinger? Genji the Acclaimed Master Bladesinger (neutral)
Motivation Sradac, the Loremaster, Interpreter of Clan Wolf. (angelic)
[58]     Joao the mortal Asperser of the Syndicate (neutral)
[57]    Poet Temptress Caeli the vengeful keeper of the soul (36) (corrupt)
Envoy Kovacs the Psicorps Gunnery Sergeant (neutral)
[55]     Lesion the Radiant Blade of the Light (neutral)
[51]     Vika sighs at you all she wants. (satanic)
[50]     Blutash the powerful invoker of the grave (24) (immoral)
[49]     Imp the Master of Winter (immoral)
[32]     Piffaron the Warrior (immoral)
[21]     Dermi the Aggressive Copper Android (mean)

This list is updated every 5 minutes.


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