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3 Kingdoms LP-MUD Home Page
3 Kingdoms Players

Uptime is: 1 day 1 hour 41 minutes 37 seconds
Reboot in: 2 days 22 hours 18 minutes 39 seconds

48 Visible Users Currently on 3 Kingdoms (Fri Oct 21 23:24:50 2016 EST)

[990]     Tensor One
[500]     Solo has mastered Time Stop
[136]    Trump4Pres Krank votes to leave the EU! (saintly)
[Ghostly] Orgrim Mystic Visionary of the Platinum Star (angelic)
Spy the time elemental (neutral)
[135]     Parisienne Fatale (undead)
Arms Raised, Seph is strong in the FOOM FOOM FOOM FOOM! (malicious)
Locutus of Space Resistance is FUTILE!! (Undead) (XXI) (very good)
Voodoo (immoral)
Absolute Xero the time elemental (nice)
[134]     Glazed the Cyclops Tutelary (righteous)
[133]     Manos :: Guardian of the Battle Worlds [***] (righteous)
Special Agent Omni Cooper, Federal Bureau of Investigations (good)
[===-------] Psylon the time elemental (good)
[131]    GOAT Vampire Arahnapogue the Venerable Demi-God, Deign of Blood (XIX) (neutral)
Maxim is sofa king (awesome)
[130]    -=SA=- Aydrian the time elemental (evil)
Hyperion (nice)
Kirwan the indomitable Champion of the Adamant Lance (mean)
Maryjayne the Divine is one with Galan (pure)
Tribe Leader Mohan of the Mohans (chaotic evil)
[129]    A'Genzai'Dor Hsima Khe'lai the Adventurer (Fin Gen) (saintly)
[124]     Onodrim the Resplendent Councilmember of the Ivory Crown (righteous)
[121]     Zion the human {embraced} (moral)
Once Zor had Nightshade & Keeble as Wiz Gms! (very good)
[120]     Kyoujin the Radiant Preserver of the Light (Haggard)
[116]     Wiener the Judicious Advisor of the Sable Shield (angelic)
[112]     Willow the Ageless Protector of the Dead (V) (good)
[111]     Stasis is made of wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff (pure)
[109]    Delenn is my Hero Vong, a Bloodname of Clan Bear. (very good)
[106]     Calisp the Brave Squire of the Order of the Golden Crown (saintly)
Delenn Fetladral, a Solhama of Clan Wolf. (good)
[102]    Genza'Doru Darkness Hsi'lai of Su Dom II (Do Gen) (sinister)
[101]     FILTHY Ramen is tasty (angelic)
[99]    Rurouni Graey :: Technocore Insurgent [*] (angelic)
[97]     Phaeton thinks: Nobody speak, nobody gets choked. [aoa]
Rynn Mystic Visionary of the Flaming Palm (very good)
[84]    Recursive Ro the Bringer of Revelation (angelic)
[73]    Black numbing Nyarlathotp smothers attrition once and for all (evil)
[63]     Dramorris the Omnipotent Diamond Android (corrupt)
[59]    Little Minime the vengeful invoker of the mind (23) (immoral)
[57]    Poet Temptress Caeli the vengeful keeper of the soul (36) (corrupt)
[55]     Pertinax the vengeful Lord of the black mists (40) (malicious)
[53]     Exile the Brave Squire of the Order of the Obsidian Shield (angelic)
[40]     Jeraud the Dangerous Diamond Android (neutral)
[15]     Three the puddle of slime {strong} (neutral)

This list is updated every 5 minutes.


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