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3 Kingdoms LP-MUD Home Page
3 Kingdoms Players

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Reboot in: 8 hours 6 minutes 52 seconds

52 Visible Users Currently on 3 Kingdoms (Thu Oct 30 19:33:27 2014 EST)

[990]    The Good, the Bad and the Tensor
[850]     Takamori says, "Sup."
[750]     Kikipopo s mostly come at night.. mostly..
[134]     Parisienne the Unrivaled Elder, Deign of Sleep (XXI) (undead)
William is going to treat you the way you treat women (wink wink)
[133]    Grand Wizard Orgrim The Master of Everything Awesomesauce. (angelic)
[132]     Caesar :: Guardian of the Beyond [|*|] (angelic)
Dalandra is . o O (angelic)
[Ghostly] Voodoo (evil)
[131]     Ivellis :: Administrator of Quantum Manipulation [*****]
The Almighty Nightrider the Mack Truck! (angelic)
[130]    Terahertz Cable the Tactical Mind Assassin (righteous)
Ees the Psicorps First Lieutenant (neutral)
Waivered Inix is back in T1 academics (sinister)
Frosted buying Krank the Psicorps General (neutral)
Shoudie Sing Xiu the Legendary Bladesinger Shadow-Master (angelic)
[127]    [BeastMode] Blunt the Grand Master of the Universe (pure)
[126]     Wyvern the Baadu Adept (sleepy)
[125]    GOAT Vampire Arahnapogue the Hallowed Master, Bone Guardian (XV) (good)
[122]     Andeddu :: Speaker for the Barren Wastes [*] (saintly)
[114]     Grot DelVillar, a Bloodname of Clan Bear. (very good)
Zanadu the Prominent Shephard of Cellular Integration [***] (I) (very good)
[113]     FILTHY Metaljaz the Bladesinger Shadow-Master (good)
[111]    Once Zor had Nightshade and Keeble as Wiz Gms! (nice)
[108]     Murmandamus the wuss (moral)
[105]    Rauta Rocco :: (angelic)
[102]     Archangel the Heroic Defender of the Edifying Tome (pure)
Free the Prominent Spirit Necromancer (I) (saintly)
 Zorbaine jump fly fall (righteous)
[99]     Ardelop the essence of soul (saintly)
[98]     Volt the Grand Master of Ubiquity (neutral)
[87]     Kendis the Master of Autumn (pure)
[86]     Tanin the Jensaarai Apprentice (pure)
[81]    Genz'Dor Darkness Hsi'lai the Slow (Do Gen) (demonic)
[66]     Canon the Jedi Coffee Maker {Brewing} (righteous)
[57]    A Trickster Raven the Jedi (demonic)
[56]    Cream-a-licious Manson the White Hand-Servant of Torickii (saintly)
[54]    Since 1999(tm) Cardine the Accomplished Journeyman of Bladesong (very good)
[51]     Aakil the scorpion {embraced} (sinister)
Rith Arkar the Malevolent Guardian of the Darkness (sinister)
[50]     Backus the Accomplished Journeyman of Spellsong (neutral)
[48]    Dust Buddy Glister the Master of Fire (righteous)
[47]     Lloigor the powerful keeper of the soul (38) (mean)
[42]    Melting Hailstone the Master of Summer (malicious)
[39]     Vyurek the White Arch-Bishop (good)
[28]    Gwebret Cullyn the Seeker of Understanding (nice)
[24]    ... Neuro the Swordsman (mean)
[4]     Lambers the title less (neutral)

This list is updated every 5 minutes.


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