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3 Kingdoms LP-MUD Home Page
3 Kingdoms Players

Uptime is: 15 hours 5 minutes 19 seconds
Reboot in: 3 days 12 hours 19 minutes 48 seconds

41 Visible Users Currently on 3 Kingdoms (Mon Feb 08 09:09:56 2016 EST)

[850]    General Takamori of the First UMC Air Battalion
[750]     Kikipopo the Mountain Goat
[135]    [Trump4Pres] Krank (angelic)
[Ghostly] Orgrim Mystic Visionary of the Platinum Star (angelic)
Spy the time elemental (angelic)
[134]     Voodoo (corrupt)
Everything In William Place
[133]     FILTHY Dalandra the Divine is one with Galan (saintly)
Locutus of Space the Unrivaled Shepherd, Deign of Frost (XX) (saintly)
Absolute Xero the blue-footed booby {deadly} (neutral)
[132]    Inquisitor Eradan the Malevolent Guardian of the Darkness (sinister)
Milk-a-licious Glazed the Cyclops Tutelary (pure)
Milk-a-licious Seph the turtle {deadly} (corrupt)
[131]     Inix Kerensky, the SaKhan, Commander of Clan Wolf. (very good)
Olorin the Black Hand-Servant (evil)
Et Tuon Brute? (righteous)
Wyvern the griffon vulture {magnificent} (sleepy)
Zanadu the Ageless Master, Shade Necromancer (VI) (nice)
[130]    GOAT Vampire Arahnapogue the Venerable Demi-God, Deign of Shadow (XVIII) (neutral)
All work and no Dust makes Homer...something something (satanic)
[128]     Modrack is a classic mayne (saintly)
[124]    -=SA=- Afinitor (everolimus)
[121]     Rustij the Jedi Master (very good)
[119]    Cpt Michael J Caboose of Blue Team, Blood Gulch, HALO Ring #5 (mean)
[117]     Zion the puddle of water (malicious)
[113]    Rauta Rocco :: (good)
[110]     Zorbaine the Tyrant of the Storm Giants (evil)
[104]    . o O ( Aceswild ) O o . (I)
[100]    A Wet Dipped Marlboro the Daft Weaver of Weed & Bong (very good)
[94]    [boobies4all] Tex Vong, a Bloodname of Clan Bear. (saintly)
[93]    ITPN Edward the Divine has touched the face of Galan (angelic)
[76]     Leianne the full tornado (good)
[72]     Gelfry tries to forget (pure)
Sparkling Sapphire the Valiant Squire of the Order of the Argent Sword (pure)
[69]    Scintillating Cala the Jedi (angelic)
[64]    20% Machine Merik the mortal Common Cyborg (angelic)
[60]    Dusty Shasz the vengeful Lord of the dark pact (42) (sinister)
[57]     Avid the mortal Assassin of the Syndicate (pure)
[53]    Big Shot Halutz the Clan Ghost Bear Juggernaut. (angelic)
[38]     Zathras the mortal Common Cyborg (immoral)

This list is updated every 5 minutes.


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