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3 Kingdoms Players

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41 Visible Users Currently on 3 Kingdoms (Wed Jun 16 04:02:25 2021 EST)

[980]     Adalius got his microchip injection, did you?
[930]    VAXXED Flaxen VAXXED
[550]     Glorfindel constructs a new reality from Chaos (Tensoric)
[143]    -=SA=- Locutus Space the Divine Elder, Death (XXIV) (saintly)
[140]    -=SA=- Havox Mystic Visionary of the Platinum Star (evil)
VERY HAPPY Killergate the Heart of Song (neutral)
Kirwan the Indomitable Champion of the Lance (neutral)
Drunken Leianne the time elemental (very good)
Skuggo bor i ett tvättmedelspaket. (moral)
The Vagrant Kingdom of fe dar Shad (chaotic neutral)
[139]     Hyperion (mean)
Inix Kerensky, the Khan, Commander of the Clans (righteous)
The Mighty Nightrider 's sword Honors Zor (neutral)
Simon bought a house. So that happened. (nice)
[138]     Olorin the Jedi (neutral)
Voodoo the jackass (righteous)
[137]     Rynn Mystic Visionary of the Flaming Palm (sinister)
[136]    -=BoT=- Liskerlol :: Guardian of Beyond the Beyond [|*|] (corrupt)
Xana Mystic Visionary of the Platinum Star (neutral)
[135]    -=SA=- Javelin the motivational cat poster {optimistic} (chaotic)
Broken Home Murmandamus the Exfoliant (very good)
Sarge (unwielded) (enchanted) (neutral)
The indomitable Stasis (satanic)
Timmy is (righteous)
[134]    Ever Orthas the Enterprising Defender of the Wooden Lance (Not Bad Enough)
Newb-splain @me Roken the Jedi (corrupt)
Zum the Intricate Manipulator of Bladesong Patterns (good)
[132]     Seeker the Jedi (neutral)
[130]     Kirin the Jedi (neutral)
(Adalious) Spriznath (Turnholdic)
[112]     Puppymill the Gray Avatar (neutral)
[111]    Traitorous Yik the System Lord (corrupt)
[110]    Genzai'Dor Darkness Hsi'lai the Magma Larvae (Do Gen) (sinister)
[108]     Free the Prominent Spirit Necromancer (I) (very good)
[106]    Tank For Stevie I Dare You (very good)
[51]     Haste the Vassal (nice)
[29]    Ultrabeast Pitviper the Juggernaut Sibko of Alpha Company. (pure)

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