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3 Kingdoms LP-MUD Home Page
3 Kingdoms Players

Uptime is: 1 week 23 hours 43 minutes 18 seconds
Reboot in: 13 hours 29 minutes 8 seconds

88 Visible Users Currently on 3 Kingdoms (Fri Feb 23 15:35:01 2024 EST)

[990]     Rastafan
[980]     Adalius has internet that is NOT stable
[770]     Frank blah
[750]    A pile of Crolack (steaming)
??.. Revelation ..??
[540]     Canislupus (coding)
[143]    VERY HAPPY Killergate the time elemental (pure)
Olorin the Jedi (corrupt)
Voodoo the jackass (pure)
Shoudie Sing Xiu the Legendary Bladesinger Shadow-Master (saintly)
[142]     Al so smoll. So frail. (saintly)
General [ Cable ] The Dark Star of an Ancient Galaxy (beyond)
{DiSsOlViNg} Ellegon Tutuola, Veteran MechWarrior. (sinister)
Elminster Mystic Visionary of the Crimson Rose (very good)
Hyperion (pure)
Kirwan the Indomitable Mirage Knight (righteous)
-=BoT=- Liskerlol :: Head of the Galactic Union [:^:]
Avatar Sally DelVillar, the Khan, Commander of the Clans. (sinister)
[141]    U//FOUO Gaidin the mortal Chummer Metalhead (pure)
Can't stop Murmandamus to the shindig (pure)
[140]    honey Badger (evil)
Super Citizen Genji Will Give'Em Hell (satanic)
-=SA=- Kichi the Fedaykin God-Emperor of Dune and the Imperium (corrupt)
Kyoujin the Ageless Shepherd, Archromancer (XI) (Haggard)
Spice Guzzling Megalith the Qizarate God-Emperor of Dune and the Imperium (corrupt)
Melly gets a little bit Genghis Khan (satanic)
Merrick the Filthy Casual (pure)
Moronic Morion the Musky, Mousefaced, Muddled Martian (pure)
[139]     Vaid the Prominent Keeper of Darkness (II) (immoral)
[138]    IT - Run from Arahnapogue the Unrivaled Demi-God, Deign of Silence (XXII) (neutral)
Ashen the Qizarate God-Emperor of Dune and the Imperium (demonic)
Cambiador the turtle {embraced} (very good)
Grot DelVillar, a Bloodname of Clan Bear. (good)
Chop Knox , he says I'm gonna win big (very good)
Screwy Squirrel the minor tornado (Zor)
Taleast the Psicorps Major General (corrupt)
Wyvern the Qizarate God-Emperor of Dune and the Imperium (sleepy)
Frylord Zik of the mighty Irken Empire (evil)
[137]    Fragile Flimsy is fremen firepower! Formerly Fedaykin fighter. (corrupt)
Warden of the Hoosegow for Sietch Tabr (corrupt)
Suv the Jedi (immoral)
[136]    Scartticus Krat Bellicus (mean)
Mieos Lahanos, the Preserver of the Empire (saintly)
Ninja Looter Spaz the Quick Blade of the Light (peeronic)
Tchazzar the Mental Jedi (pure)
[135]    A'Genzai'Doru Hsima Khe'lai the Flamewalker (Fin Gen) (corrupt)
Licklick the Jedi Lord (righteous)
[134]     Gravis the scorpion {magnificent} (nice)
Belter Lauda Maverick the Psicorps Master Sergeant (malicious)
Tiny Zethrak the Jedi (good)
[133]    Artful Dodger :: Professor of Molecular Displacement [:*:] (pure)
Nightmare the deadly Lord of deathfire (50) (good)
Bot Scrollo Nofx the Infinity Macro (malicious)
Queen Xar the Guardian of Mystery (very good)
[132]     FILTHY Brianna a Bloodname of Clan Wolf. (pure)
Zorge the Grand Master of the Universe (good)
[131]    SOAKED Joao the mortal Czar of the Syndicate (corrupt)
Zamza the Jedi (good)
[130]     Aviate the Psicorps Sergeant Major (neutral)
Paradox the Veteran Bladesinger (immoral)
Psyron the Psicorps Sergeant Major (righteous)
[122]    It's Arx the vicious-looking blue puddle of slime {supernatural} (corrupt)
[115]    Anagramized Blutash the Tempered Keeper of Darkness (II) (neutral)
[113]    Knock, knock. Anybody the Veteran Bladesinger (immoral)
[104]     Triorchid the Aspiring Acolyte of Spellsong (nice)
[103]    Awed Havi the Jedi (very good)
[102]    Book of Truth (saintly)
[101]    {DiSsOlViNg} Noid the deadly Lord of the black mists (44) (pure)
[100]     Dearth the Radiant Blade of the Light (pure)
[99]    A reborn Sojurner Uni'versae, the Light of the Empire (pure)
[98]     Insert the Seeker of the Unknown (saintly)
[97]    Dame Lena Cavalier of the Storm Knights (very good)
[96]     Zan the Wanderer (moral)
[93]     Ladros the Psicorps Master Sergeant (nice)
[92]     Logtosser does what he does best (pure)
[84]     Eddy the Clan Wolf Juggernaut. (immoral)
[68]    Kung Fu Panda Shaolin the Juggernaut Sibko of Epsilon Company. (neutral)
[62]     Raef the Master of Spring (good)
[61]     Flagg the full tornado (pure)
[44]     Smoot the Zensunni Wanderer (neutral)
[43]    Kung Fu Hustle 2 (righteous)
[21]    Ge'Do Pad Hsi'lai Tree Hopper of Moltinos (Do Gen) (neutral)
[15]     Baalash the Initiate of the Force (neutral)

This list is updated every 5 minutes.


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