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3 Kingdoms LP-MUD Home Page
3 Kingdoms Players

Uptime is: 2 days 11 hours 27 minutes 53 seconds
Reboot in: 5 days 20 hours 20 minutes 21 seconds

83 Visible Users Currently on 3 Kingdoms (Mon Sep 23 13:57:59 2019 EST)

[980]     Kikipopo the Indomitable Architect of the Order of the Argent Sword
[930]     Thor
[650]    A pile of Crolack (steaming)
[600]    Jason Phoenix the CEO of Carson Industries (corrupt)
[141]    Locutus of Space the Divine Elder, Deign of Oblivion (XXIII) (good)
[139]    Thawed Parisienne Fatale (XXIV)
[138]    Deployed Inix Kerensky, the Khan, Commander of the Clans. (righteous)
Kirwan the Indomitable Champion of the Lance (neutral)
14.9 On The Rictor On The Rictor Scale (Earthquake) (Non-Sibi) (satanic)
Shoudie Sing Xiu the Legendary Bladesinger Shadow-Master (saintly)
[137]    [Ghostly] Havox Mystic Visionary of the Platinum Star (demonic)
Hyperion (neutral)
Fluff-a-licious Voodoo the jackass (neutral)
[136]     Caboose (moral)
Arch Mage Elminster Mystic Visionary of the Crimson Rose (mean)
Gore the Ancient Shepherd, Usher of Darkness (XVII) (neutral)
Mugen the Raging Avatar of Jedi Legend {Furious} (evil)
Nix superior mage of the Platinum Star (corrupt)
Coo coo ca-choo Prismal is the Walrus (nice)
Ziphe , Eye of Overlord (neutral)
[135]    An Al can't ... move a rubber tree plant, but he's got high hopes (corrupt)
Chaed the Jedi Master (righteous)
Tusked Raest the Jaghut Tyrant (evil)
Saim Saims everywhere the Saims (can't you read the saims) (corrupt)
Blue Devil Sith is turnin' Rivals into Rosaries (very good)
[134]    GOAT Vampire Arahnapogue the Unrivaled Demi-God, Deign of Frost (XX) (neutral)
Vote for Byron promises all borders are fake, all titties are real (satanic)
Skald the vulture {magnificent} (corrupt)
[133]    Silent wraith, Hyuga slides past. (satanic)
Kichi , Celestial Champion of the Lord of the Gods (neutral)
Melly the Radiant Shield of the Light (very good)
No Ser the Psicorps Captain (corrupt)
Whisper the Jedi (corrupt)
[132]    A'Genzai'Doru Hsima Khe'lai the Flamewalker (Fin Gen) (righteous)
I am Kitt the Divine is one with Galan (corrupt)
The Mellaous Mystic Visionary of the Platinum Star (mean)
Tuba the Venerable Demi-God, Bone Guardian (XV) (good)
[131]    All because of Nauda the Ageless Keeper of the Dead (III) (saintly)
Blue Sky Orange Cream (moral)
[130]    hax hox hix hux Hex the Radiant Vindicator of the Light (angelic)
Vrykolakas Nik the Ancient Master, Shade Necromancer (VI) (mean)
Field Marshal Scaf the Hallowed Demi-God, Overlord of the Grave (IX) (sinister)
Vasha the Psicorps Master Gunnery Sergeant (angelic)
[127]    Explain it to Simonz like he's level 5, he's been gone a while (righteous)
[124]    C&C Disruptor Tank (good)
[120]    Newb-splain @me Roken the Jedi (neutral)
[115]     Aka the Shepherd of the fearful black sheep (pure)
[114]    Chidori Ukyo the Harbinger of Bugs (luminous)
[113]    Nae' Bliss the Divine Legend, Archromancer (XI) (righteous)
Over-Achiever Burnaby the Jedi (neutral)
[111]    The Irish Hooligan is more machine now than man... [56% Machine] (mean)
[108]     Siem the Jedi (mean)
[107]     Eagleeyes the Tempered Spirit Necromancer (I) (good)
Tchazzar the time elemental (corrupt)
[106]    Altered Carbon Inago :: Leader of the Ruined Systems [*] (pure)
[105]    I don't know Whoknows the White Avatar of Solaris (saintly)
[104]    Plain and Simple the Jedi (pure)
[99]     Joao the mortal Marauder of the Syndicate (neutral)
[92]     Baramore the udder novice (angelic)
[91]    Tae Krom Dodo (righteous)
Leto the Clan Jade Falcon Juggernaut. (righteous)
[84]    Broken Arrow the Psicorps Master Gunnery Sergeant (malicious)
[81]    Leafy Green Kale the hideous-looking polka-dot puddle of slime {dangerous} (malicious)
[77]     Llyandren the mortal Chummer Netrunner (immoral)
[75]     Ipsie the Aspiring Acolyte of Bladesong (righteous)
[74]    Nah Bro the dominant keeper of the graveyard (30) (saintly)
[73]     Triple the mortal Staff Sergeant of the Corps (immoral)
[70]    Ge'D Highjinx Hsi'lai the Adventurer (Do Gen) (nice)
[69]     Psih the White Embodiment of Solaris (very good)
[68]    {DiSsOlViNg} Grinner the dominant Lord of the dark soul (42) (malicious)
Ex-Caemlyn Thom the Accomplished Journeyman Bard (pure)
[67]     Tarsus (malicious)
[65]    Xanth's Bink the Fremen Wali (malicious)
[63]     Parzival the Radiant Blade of the Light (good)
[59]     Alchian the mortal Common Cyborg (mean)
[58]     Plunos the mortal Intermediate Cyborg (moral)
[55]    It'sa me, Mario (good)
[47]    {Ember Rain} Scadar the decollate snail {powerful} (neutral)
[40]     Sharn the Master of the North Wind (nice)
[9]     Vksnr the Vassal (mean)
[5]     Remmy the title less (neutral)

This list is updated every 5 minutes.


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