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3 Kingdoms LP-MUD Home Page
3 Kingdoms Players

Uptime is: 1 day 6 hours 49 minutes 50 seconds
Reboot in: 5 days 20 hours 5 minutes 12 seconds

48 Visible Users Currently on 3 Kingdoms (Mon Aug 29 01:21:06 2016 EST)

[990]     Tensor One
[930]     Thor
[850]    General Takamori of the First UMC Air Battalion
[136]    [Ghostly] Orgrim Is Winning at Life. (Tiger Blood Infused) (angelic)
Spy the time elemental (nice)
[135]     Parisienne Fatale (undead)
Arms Raised, Seph is strong in the FOOM FOOM FOOM FOOM! (corrupt)
Voodoo (corrupt)
[134]    Locutus of Space Resistance is Futile, Deign of Sleep (XXI) (saintly)
Charisma William Nerve & Talent (cwnt)
Absolute Xero the force (nice)
[133]    512 [=---------] Psylon the time elemental (immoral)
[132]    Special Agent Omni Cooper, Federal Bureau of Investigations (pure)
[131]     Olorin a Bloodname of Clan Bear. (sinister)
Rashan :: Less Human Than Human :: (neutral)
[130]    GOAT Vampire Arahnapogue the Venerable Demi-God, Deign of Blood (XIX) (neutral)
Kirwan the indomitable Champion of the Adamant Lance (immoral)
[128]    Milk-a-licious Fluffy the scary-looking polka-dot turtle {immaculate} (saintly)
[121]     Gubbern the Clan Jade Falcon Juggernaut. (corrupt)
[119]     Gore the Ageless Protector of the Dead (V) (angelic)
[115]     Wiener the Judicious Advisor of the Sable Shield (saintly)
[110]     Sundial the Deft Preserver of the Darkness (demonic)
[109]    Reverend Scaf the Ancient Master, Defender of the Dark (IV) (very good)
[108]     Kalam omg titles are effort ^ (righteous)
[107]     Leianne the time elemental (good)
[106]    Magnificent Melly the Murdering Mass of Mayhem (demonic)
[103]    [boobies4all] Tex Vong, a Bloodname of Clan Bear. (saintly)
[101]     Bloodlust the Malevolent Hero of the Darkness (sinister)
[91]    I shot the jedi Urielano the Jedi (pure)
[81]    Gen'Dor Jelly Gon'lai the Silent Soarer (Fin Gen) (angelic)
[80]    Lord Perrin "Goldeneyes" Aybara the Wolf King (neutral)
[73]     Phaeton the lightly armored sack [aoa]
[68]    Sweet Scent of Jasmine the Sith Adept (corrupt)
[65]    ~ Rebar the Commendable Squire of the Silver Sword (saintly)
[61]     Presmir the large mass of water (mean)
[58]    Dusty Jotham the mortal Fundamental Cyborg (mean)
[55]     Ranmyaku the mortal Fundamental Cyborg (immoral)
[54]    Knight Kael the Jedi (righteous)
[50]    Im BoYo Dro the powerful Lord of the black curse (44) (pure)
[41]     Lefey the Omnipotent Diamond Android (moral)
[40]     Jeraud the Dangerous Diamond Android (neutral)
Myest the mortal Basic Cyborg (mean)
Raef the Master of Winter (pure)
[37]     Dramorris the Feared Silicon-Carbide Android (immoral)
[35]    Wandering Sojurner the Seeker of Understanding (righteous)
[31]     Pertinax the adept invoker of velvet death (25) (malicious)

This list is updated every 5 minutes.


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