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3 Kingdoms LP-MUD Home Page
3 Kingdoms Players

Uptime is: 2 days 20 hours 11 minutes 22 seconds
Reboot in: 2 days 21 hours 57 minutes 55 seconds

29 Visible Users Currently on 3 Kingdoms (Fri Apr 28 06:06:52 2017 EST)

[980]     Kikipopo is sweating up the inside of his Marty Beller mask
[850]     Takamori of the First UMC Air Battalion
[500]    Captain Solo has mastered Time Stop
[138]     Krank the Psicorps General (angelic)
[137]    Don Juan is Orgrim the Heart of Song (saintly)
Absolute Xero the time elemental (moral)
[136]     Parisienne Fatale (undead)
Locutus of Space the Divine Shepherd, Deign of Silence (XXII) (good)
[135]     Dalandra the Divine is one with Galan (moral)
Glazed Jamon, the Preserver of the Empire (neutral)
xXx Killergate the Aspiring Journeyman of Bladesong (moral)
[134]    -=SA=- Javelin the philanthropist (chaotic)
[131]    -=SA=- Ariakis Arch-Mage of the Platinum Star (moral)
[121]     Gatsby (saintly)
[119]     Gore the Ageless Protector of the Dead (V) (angelic)
[117]    Unfortunately 4 Fang the asylum is out of coffee. (pure)
[115]    The Vagrant Kingdom of fe dar Shad (chaotic neutral)
[95]     Pertinax the deadly Lord of earthly existence (56) (sinister)
[91]     Lorr the mortal Black Agent of the Syndicate (nice)
[70]     Dyne the Grand Master of all Life (good)
[68]    Sweet Scent of Jasmine the Sith Adept (corrupt)
[67]    Rebel Bandis :: Leader of the Underground [Examiner] (satanic)
[53]    Hey, it's Pytlak the puddle of slime {vicious} (corrupt)
[31]    Milk-a-licious Draal the Jedi (righteous)

This list is updated every 5 minutes.


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