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3 Kingdoms Players

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Reboot in: 5 days 20 hours 49 minutes 48 seconds

40 Visible Users Currently on 3 Kingdoms (Sun Apr 20 09:37:53 2014 EST)

[990]     Rastafan
The Lone Tensor
[133]     Parisienne the Gray Embodiment (undead)
William is going to read you to filth (The Library is Open)
[132]    Ghostface Killergate Chistu, the SaKhan, Commander of Clan Jade Falcon. (pure)
Wh + Orgrim = the Prostitute of 3k. (Moist) (angelic)
[131]     Olorin the Black Avatar (moral)
[Ghostly] Voodoo Juggernut (corrupt)
[129]     Krank the Psicorps General (nice)
[121]    GOAT Vampire Arahnapogue the Hallowed Master, Black Duke (XIV) (saintly)
[119]     Gore can be a natural, zesty enterprise (V) (angelic)
[118]     Wyvern the Baadu Adept (nice)
[116]    The Starship Sulaco :: Dominator of the Disputed Border [***] (moral)
[115]    Pilot Trainee Inix is preparing for Instrument Checkride (satanic)
[113]    Big Gay Al [Super] (malicious)
The Very Rustij the Jedi Lord (angelic)
[112]    Axe-Slinging Metaljaz the Bladesinger Shadow-Master (good)
I am a Slacker :: Defender of the Nomad Cluster [*******] (saintly)
[108]     Zanadu the Diligent Spirit Leader of the Ruined Systems [*] (I) (saintly)
[106]    Razzle Dazzle Snow the Jedi Lord (good)
[103]    Li Az Km Wp Uq Xy, the Guardian of Mystery (angelic)
[99]    Fire Templar Kichi the Black Avatar (evil)
[92]     Ardelop the wandering pond (angelic)
[83]     Minaki Saotome, the Herald of the Empire (good)
[79]     Wicked Supreme Arch-Mage of the Printed Circuit Assembly (very good)
[69]     Inquisitor the Jedi Lord (pure)
[65]     Thesquid the Psicorps Sergeant Major (nice)
[60]     El the Clan Ghost Bear Juggernaut. (angelic)
[54]    Idle Kidneytwist the gigantic boulder (good)
[51]    Ice Queen Vika is a Michigander. (satanic)
[50]    Milk-a-licious Thyssel the Zensunni Bakka (righteous)
[48]    Heel of Achilles the Jedi (good)
[40]    Superengine Borat the mortal Conventional Cyborg (corrupt)
[34]    Ex-Smiley :( Shelaam the adept keeper of the dead (31) (corrupt)
[29]     Mariina the Gray Bishop (mean)
[1]     Hawkenz the title less (neutral)

This list is updated every 5 minutes.


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