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3 Kingdoms LP-MUD Home Page
3 Kingdoms Players

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Reboot in: 1 day 10 hours 46 minutes 8 seconds

97 Visible Users Currently on 3 Kingdoms (Tue Oct 19 14:57:26 2021 EST)

[980]     Adalius is set for his booster shot
[750]     Frank the deadly Necromancer
[740]    * Sorva *
[650]    A pile of Crolack (steaming)
[640]     Revelation is...
[143]    -=SA=- Space the Divine Elder, Death (XXIV) (moral)
[141]    VERY HAPPY Killergate gearup/townportal/retrace/sc stats/repeat/panic/busy/idle (neutral)
[140]    -=BoT=- Esper the learned necromancer (5) (neutral)
Glazed Jamon, the Shared (immoral)
Hyperion (neutral)
Kirwan the Indomitable Champion of the Lance (neutral)
The One True Prismal (neutral)
Ziphe , Eye of Overlord (neutral)
[139]    Deployed Inix Kerensky, the Khan, Commander of the Clans (immoral)
Olorin the Jedi (neutral)
16.1 On The Rictor Scale (Earthquake) (Non-Sibi) (satanic)
[138]     Ender the Jedi Master (corrupt)
U//FOUO Gaidin the emu {fierce} (angelic)
-=SA=- Javelin the apex predator (chaotic)
Spooky Royalty Modrack the Prince of Darkness (corrupt)
Saim (demonic)
Voodoo the jackass (nice)
Xana the large mass of water (malicious)
[137]    FremRic Kichi the Fedaykin God-Emperor of Dune and the Imperium (corrupt)
[Re] Hello! Murmandamus aorta aorta aorta aorta aorta aorta aorta aorta aorta aorta (very good)
Quadina :: Leader of the Galactic Frontier [||*||] (mean)
[136]    IT - Run from Arahnapogue the Unrivaled Demi-God, Deign of Sleep (XXI) (neutral)
Echoloc Vong, the Loremaster, Interpreter of Clan Ghost Bear. (righteous)
Sally . (mean)
-=SA=- Sith the Silky Smooth Ebony Adonis of Suburban Moms Dreams (moral)
Sylph is super (corrupt)
Trout the Hellfish (very good)
Wyvern the Jedi (sleepy)
[135]    High Mage Maverik Lord of the Elder Warrens {raging} (immoral)
Ever Orthas Mystic Visionary of the Platinum Star (Not Good Enough)
Nightbrother Volt the Jai Adept (neutral)
Xanim the Just Protector (very good)
[134]    SeaQuest DSV Ellegon Tutuola, Veteran MechWarrior. (moral)
Schlaus the Hyrax {imaginary} (mean)
IT - Run from Uq Xy, the Preserver of the Empire (pure)
[133]    {-=MoW=-} Barian the Ancient Black Duke (XIV) (righteous)
Rhyson Tutuola, the Loremaster, Interpreter of Clan Wolf. (moral)
blah blargh Tex Vong, a Bloodname of Clan Bear. (neutral)
[132]     Aka :: Champion of the Demon Planets [:*:] (good)
Cambiador the tasmanian devil {embraced} (good)
Kenny , Dark Prophet, Anointed of the Blood of the Most High (neutral)
Ksemia the Grey Jedi Master (mean)
Sparkie the mortal Chummer Daemon (sinister)
Stormer :: Leader of the Underground [Graduate] (very good)
[131]     Akir the Fearless Squire of the Order of the Iron Lance (pure)
Lyrical Locrian says, "ack me for CON boost!" (sinister)
Trisky the Paladin of the Order of the Iron Lance (cthulhic)
[130]     Apocalypse :: Speaker for the Barren Wastes [*] (neutral)
Shadearth the Sith Adept (immoral)
Slacker the Fedaykin God-Emperor of Dune and the Imperium (neutral)
Taleast the Jedi (malicious)
Do not ask Xara because Dark Jedi are borked (angelic)
[128]    Nah Bro the Master of the Higher Bardic Gallantries (pure)
[125]    Ezekial Abaddon the mortal Chummer Wraith (neutral)
Chili Mystic Visionary of the Platinum Star (mean)
[124]    Bot Scrollo Nofx the Macro (neutral)
Vat the SaKhan, Commander of Clan Jade Falcon (very good)
[122]    Pantsless Ransehk is one with the breeze (mean)
[117]     Drpony the Juggernaut Sibko of Delta Company. (angelic)
Misha the Seeker of the Unknown (mean)
[113]    Feeling Ephemeral the Jedi (neutral)
John Wayne (mean)
[111]    Brooklyn Nine Nine (angelic)
[107]     Greydon the Seeker of the Unknown (very good)
[103]     Id a Bloodname of Clan Wolf. (righteous)
[99]     Koth Horris (righteous)
[98]     Blackout the deadly keeper of the graveyard (37) (very good)
[97]     Useless the Aspiring Master of Bladesong (malicious)
[95]    Mech Warrior Jaeger the Clan Wolf Juggernaut. (neutral)
[88]     Wraith the mortal Chummer Fenceman (pure)
[73]    Cheerful Alamar the Clan Wolf Juggernaut. (pure)
Zorge the Master of Spring (pure)
[69]     Sunflower the Clan Wolf Juggernaut. (immoral)
[62]    (ASPCA) Aelion the Psicorps Lance Corporal (nice)
[60]     Motivation (corrupt)
Awed Tedious knows there to exist men among the clouds (moral)
[51]     Blaf the sinister-looking disgusting puddle of slime {strong} (malicious)
Ivar Supreme Arch-Mage of the Platinum Star (immoral)
[47]     Scrap the Fledgling Diamond Android (immoral)
[46]     Evo the turtle {powerful} (nice)
[40]     Fizical the forceful invoker of velvet death (29) (malicious)
[39]    Eric Draven the Fremen Wali (corrupt)
[36]    Doctor Bragi the Novice Initiate of Bardic Gallantries (moral)
[35]     Holcomb the Clan Wolf Juggernaut. (immoral)
[20]     Xander superior mage of the Platinum Star (neutral)

This list is updated every 5 minutes.


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