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3 Kingdoms LP-MUD Home Page
3 Kingdoms Players

Uptime is: 12 hours 35 minutes 33 seconds
Reboot in: 3 days 11 hours 38 minutes 42 seconds

62 Visible Users Currently on 3 Kingdoms (Mon Feb 20 15:36:32 2017 EST)

[990]     Rastafan
The Last Tensi
[930]     Flaxen [bDEEP]
[850]    Remember when Kikipopo was young? He shone like the sun.
[650]    A pile of Crolack (steaming)
[510]     Andeddu is Excited!
[137]    Don Juan is Orgrim The Worlds Greatest Lover (angelic)
Arms raised, Seph is strong in the FOOM FOOM FOOM FOOM (mean)
[136]    Locutus of Space the Divine Shepherd, Deign of Silence (XXII) (saintly)
#resist William #resist
Absolute Xero the time elemental (mean)
[135]    xXx Killergate the time elemental (righteous)
Parisienne Fatale (undead)
13.0 On The Rictor Scale (Earthquake) Non-Sibi (satanic)
[134]     Glazed the Cyclops Tutelary (righteous)
-=SA=- Javelin the apex predator (chaotic)
Zanadu (demonic)
[133]    {85.20%} Dust is a bad hombre (satanic)
Wyvern the Malevolent Vanquisher of the Darkness (sleepy)
[132]     Flare 'ing, the Preserver of the Empire (very good)
Rashan (evil)
[131]    GOAT Vampire Arahnapogue the Venerable Demi-God, Deign of Blood (XIX) (neutral)
Inix Kerensky, the SaKhan, Commander of Clan Wolf. (saintly)
Maxim is sofa king (awesome)
[130]    FuFu Stomp! Fluffy the tiny sinister-looking wombat {accustomed} (very good)
A'Genzai'Doru Hsima Khe'lai the Burning Behemoth (Fin Gen) (saintly)
Magius the Soul of Song (neutral)
If Melly wanted to stay, you don't mind, you're a true believer (corrupt)
Ever Orthas the Divine has touched the face of Galan (Not Good Enough)
[123]    Once Zor had Nightshade & Keeble as Wiz Gms! (good)
[122]     Wiener the Tired Old Man (Lawn, Off, NOW) (angelic)
[118]     Gatsby (saintly)
FILTHY Metaljaz the Bladesinger Shadow-Master (good)
[116]    ... Adreno the tiny toaster {transcendental} (evil)
[113]    Nae' Bliss the Unrivaled Elder, Archromancer (XI) (righteous)
[112]    Hot Rising Vapor Conners, a Solhama of Clan Wolf. (angelic)
[109]    [boobies4all] Tex Vong, a Bloodname of Clan Bear. (very good)
[108]     Delenn Fetladral, a Solhama of Clan Wolf. (good)
[106]    Never BS Elminster the Psicorps Sergeant Major (corrupt)
[105]     Kendis the force (neutral)
[103]    Genzai'D Darkness Hsi'lai Mound from Avictus (Do Gen) (sinister)
[90]    Lord Perrin "Goldeneyes" Aybara the Wolf King (angelic)
[88]    Blue Sky Orange Cream *Yum* (corrupt)
[85]     Aka (very good)
[84]    Ratty Wiggy the Clan Ghost Bear Juggernaut. (malicious)
[79]     Turin Turambar, hunter of Glaurung the Worm (righteous)
[73]     Gelfry tries to forget (pure)
[70]     Sniglet the Clan Ghost Bear Juggernaut. (neutral)
[68]    Sweet Scent of Jasmine the Sith Adept (corrupt)
[64]     Bahram the Fedaykin Naib (malicious)
[60]     Mugen the Grand Master of all Life (good)
[57]    Poet Temptress Caeli the vengeful keeper of the soul (36) (corrupt)
[54]     Niccolina the Novice Initiate of Bardic Mysteries (nice)
[46]     Bandit the large boulder (nice)
[41]     Jeraud the Dangerous Diamond Android (neutral)
[37]    HardCore Victor the Squire of the Order of the Argent Sword (very good)
[27]     Raethas superior mage of the Platinum Star (pure)

This list is updated every 5 minutes.


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