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3 Kingdoms Players

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Reboot in: 3 days 22 hours 34 minutes 43 seconds

62 Visible Users Currently on 3 Kingdoms (Thu Jul 24 17:37:53 2014 EST)

[850]     Balthus title clear
[750]     Kikipopo is very angry with the court system
Takamori says, "Sup."
[650]     Crolack the Ilkhan, Overlord of the Juggernauts. (Moo)
[135]     Primal {able}
[133]     Orgrim the Radiant Shield of the Light (angelic)
Parisienne the Gray Embodiment (undead)
William is going to read you to filth (The Library is Open)
[132]     Glazed Jamon, the Preserver of the Empire (righteous)
11.4 On The Rictor Scale (Earthquake) Non-Sibi (demonic)
Spy vs Spy the time elemental (pure)
Voodoo Juggernaut (corrupt)
[131]     Caesar is here resting on the Sofa of Cletus. (angelic)
[130]     Dokken is weak and powerless (very good)
{Soaked} Krank is buying Frosted gear. (moral)
Mohan the Master of Autumn (chaotic evil)
Sir Omni the Plenipotentiary Ambadassador of the Mithril Crown (good)
Lady Sally the elemental goddess of time and space. (pure)
[122]     Trent (good)
[121]     Blunt (pure)
Wyvern the Baadu Adept (mean)
[117]     Pastafarian asks WWFSMD? (angelic)
[115]    Jiggin Jiggler Andeddu the Clan Ghost Bear Juggernaut. (angelic)
[111]     Zanadu the Prominent Spirit Necromancer (I) (good)
[110]    Buzzzt, the Wasp stings you with deadly poison! (pure)
[107]    [Blooderstuff] Murmandamus follows behind you, at all times, approximately 15 inches (moral)
Razzle Dazzle Snow the Jedi Lord (good)
[105]    Li Az Km Wp Uq Xy, the Guardian of Mystery (angelic)
[104]    ... Adreno the tiny toaster {transcendental} (sinister)
[102]     Untouchable the Ageless Protector of the Dead (V) (Touchable)
Sir Norbert Wiener the Mathemagician (pure)
[101]    How does Strongham taste? (very good)
[99]     Volt the Gray Hand-Servant (mean)
[90]     Kittentouch the White Hand-Maiden (very good)
[87]     Kendis the Master of Autumn (pure)
Zorbaine the WereKnight (righteous)
[73]    Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust (saintly)
[71]     Inquisitor the Jedi Lord (pure)
[68]    Gen'Doru Darkness Hsi'lai the SeaFarer of Veringite (Do Gen) (corrupt)
Idle Kidneytwist :: (good)
[65]    Milk-a-licious Thyssel the Zensunni Auliya (mean)
[59]    Genzai'Doru Lycanth the silver arctic wolf {embraced} (malicious)
[58]     Gatsby the Clan Ghost Bear Juggernaut. (moral)
[56]    Milk-a-licious Oreo the Aspiring Master of Spellsong (saintly)
Wulf the Psicorps Gunnery Sergeant (immoral)
[51]     Aakil the puddle of slime {embraced} (evil)
[50]    Don't go Northeast the cat {deadly} (mean)
CHARRED Sacho the Jedi (immoral)
[40]     Turpitude the Fedaykin Noukker (pure)
[39]    Choose Life the White Avatar of Selene (good)
[37]    Poet Temptress Caeli the forceful keeper of the soul (35) (corrupt)
[34]    PFC Dick Simmons the former Clergyman (immoral)
[33]    EVERLIVING!!!! Solron the adept invoker of instinct (26) (neutral)
[29]    Rith Arkar the Deft Shield of the Darkness (malicious)
[27]     Rafiji the Initiate of the Force (mean)
Zuriel the Deft Veteran of the Light (righteous)
[26]     Hex the Deft Dagger of the Darkness (neutral)
[15]     Disir the former Aspiring jedi (neutral)

This list is updated every 5 minutes.


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