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3 Kingdoms LP-MUD Home Page
3 Kingdoms Players

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Reboot in: 4 days 7 hours 20 minutes 38 seconds

55 Visible Users Currently on 3 Kingdoms (Fri Apr 10 02:13:33 2020 EST)

[980]     Adalius keeps pushing Kiki away.
Kikipopo pulls Adalius back in.
[930]     Thor
[650]    A pile of Crolack (steaming)
[139]     Kirwan the Indomitable Champion of the Lance (neutral)
The Vagrant Kingdom of fe dar Shad (chaotic neutral)
Shoudie Sing Xiu the Legendary Bladesinger Shadow-Master (angelic)
[138]    Arch Mage Elminster the Golem Master (sinister)
[Ghostly] Havox Mystic Visionary of the Platinum Star (evil)
Hyperion (moral)
Inix Kerensky, the Khan, Commander of the Clans. (malicious)
14.9 On The Rictor Scale (Earthquake) (Non-Sibi) (satanic)
Voodoo the jackass (corrupt)
[136]    Drunken Master Leianne the time elemental (angelic)
[135]    I am Kitt the Divine is one with Galan (neutral)
The immutable Stasis (sinister)
[134]     Archangel the Judicious Vindicator of the Edifying Tome (saintly)
[Ghostly] Skald the mortal Breetva of the Syndicate (pure)
Do not ask Xaryl because Dark Jedi are borked (heavenly)
[133]    Blazing Agni the Ageless Master of Necromancy (VIII) (very good)
Omni fiddles with it (saintly)
[132]    A fist full of Babylon :: Guardian of the Beyond [|*|] (satanic)
Hasa diga Gaidin the human {new-born} (saintly)
The Irish Hooligan is more machine now than man... [67% Machine] (neutral)
Budbro Nik the Ancient Master, Master of Necromancy (VIII) (mean)
Explain it to Simonz like he's level 5 (neutral)
[131]     Alchian the mortal Colonel of the Corps (neutral)
Kirrin the Ageless Overlord of the Grave (IX) (nice)
Newb-splain @me Roken the Jedi (neutral)
-=SA=- Zokko the Watermelon Patch Scarecrow (neutral)
[130]    Immortalis Din has got a hellish pride (pure)
Simple the Jedi (neutral)
ToUcHtHiS Untouchable the Hallowed Immortal Brethren (XIII) (Touchable)
[129]     Kenny , Visionary of Galan, Oracle of the Overlord (neutral)
[128]    Burning Zachitnik the turtle {transcendental} (neutral)
[126]     Marlon Hqqk, the Light of the Empire (very good)
[121]     Apocalypse :: Leader of the Underground [Slayer] (immoral)
[111]     Psionic the small boulder (good)
[110]     Eagleeyes the Tempered Spirit Necromancer (I) (good)
[106]     Xana learned sorcerer of the Platinum Star (neutral)
[101]     Thadar the Divine has seen the face of Galan (evil)
[96]     Eli Quen'yarvin, the Herald of the Empire (saintly)
[87]     Sarge the Juggernaut Sibko of Alpha Company. (righteous)
[80]     Slacky the gigantic boulder (neutral)
[78]    Sweet Scent of Jasmine the Sith Adept (sinister)
[76]     Asher the Cavalier of the Order of the Argent Sword (righteous)
[60]     Cinis the vengeful keeper of the dead (36) (righteous)
Slimey the human {fierce} (immoral)
[55]     Bruce kicks yo' in the balls login (neutral)
[44]     Bonisagus Arch-Mage of the Platinum Star (immoral)
[35]     Still the mortal Secondary Cyborg (mean)
[33]    {pruned} Yardleblarp the Psicorps Sergeant (mean)
[30]     Glowie the White Bishop of Solaris (righteous)
[19]     Raptor the Master of the North Wind (immoral)

This list is updated every 5 minutes.


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