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3 Kingdoms LP-MUD Home Page
3 Kingdoms Players

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Reboot in: 5 days 5 hours 46 minutes 12 seconds

77 Visible Users Currently on 3 Kingdoms (Tue Nov 30 10:23:21 2021 EST)

[980]     Adalius heard Turnhold banged an ostrich. (allegedly)
Sir Kikipopo , the Knight of Wayward Morsels
[750]     Frank says Turnhold sent him pics of said ostrich!
[740]    * Sorva *
[143]    -=SA=- Locutus Space Resistance is futile (XXIV) (pure)
[141]    -=SA=- Havox Mystic Visionary of the Platinum Star (satanic)
VERY HAPPY Killergate the time elemental (neutral)
Shoudie Sing Xiu the Legendary Bladesinger Shadow-Master (angelic)
[140]    -=BoT=- Esper the learned necromancer (5) (immoral)
Glazed the Cyclops Tutelary (mean)
Borg IRL now Hooligan is more machine now than man... [75% machine] (corrupt)
The Mighty Nightrider , One of the 4 Horsemen (righteous)
Ziphe , Eye of Overlord (neutral)
[139]    Deployed Inix Kerensky, the Khan, Commander of the Clans (malicious)
-=SA=- Javelin the apex predator (chaotic)
-=BoT=- Modrack the Metallic Mountain of Murderous Monstrosity (sinister)
Olorin the Jedi (neutral)
FILTHY Ser (satanic)
Zanadu :: Chief of Orbital Bombardment [^] (satanic)
[138]    U//FOUO Gaidin :: Master of the Galactic Core [-*-] (saintly)
[Re] Hello! Murmandamus aorta aorta aorta aorta aorta aorta aorta aorta aorta aorta (very good)
Quadina :: Defender of the Outer Rim [-*-] (neutral)
Saim the Jedi Master (demonic)
[137]     Al the title less [fragile] (moral)
Echoloc Vong, the Loremaster, Interpreter of Clan Ghost Bear. (neutral)
-=SA=- Kichi the Fedaykin God-Emperor of Dune and the Imperium (corrupt)
Marlon Hqqk, the Preserver of the Empire (pure)
FILTHY Nameless the Advocate of Music (satanic)
Queen Xaryl the Divine Empress for Selene (heavenly)
[136]    IT - Run from Arahnapogue the Unrivaled Demi-God, Deign of Sleep (XXI) (neutral)
Ever Orthas the Divine is one with Galan (Not Good Enough)
Sally . (neutral)
Trout the Hellfish (very good)
Awed Tuba knows there to exist men among the clouds (good)
Xanim the Just Protector (very good)
Zum kicks yo' in the balls (moral)
[135]    High Mage Maverik Mystic Visionary of the Black Pearl (malicious)
Sir Wiener the Valiant Champion of the Order of the Obsidian Shield (very good)
[134]     Cambiador the scorpion {deadly} (pure)
Hyuga the Jedi (satanic)
Awed Nightbreed the Ageless Defender of the Dark (IV) (immoral)
Schlaus the Hyrax {imaginary} (nice)
[133]     Kendis the Master of Spring (sinister)
Inspector Oscar va a investigar el cementerio (spooky) (neutral)
Stormer the Tempered Keeper of the Dead (III) (very good)
[132]     Ksemia the Grey Master (neutral)
Sparkie the mortal Chummer Ronin (sinister)
[131]     Drpony the Clan Jade Falcon Juggernaut. (angelic)
"M" is for Megalith the Qizarate God-Emperor of Dune and the Imperium (corrupt)
Motivation got his first vaccine! (grateful) (pure)
Taleast tries Tamost (neutral)
Burning Zachitnik the ant {transcendental} (corrupt)
[130]     Damage the farce of nature!! (very good)
Shadearth the Sith Adept (immoral)
Tchazzar the Mental Jedi (neutral)
[123]    Go Go Fujitsu the farts of nature. (saintly)
[121]    Recruiter Licklick the Jedi (immoral)
Stevie the Bladesinger Shadow-captain (very good)
[120]     Shenanigans is the restaurant with the goofy crap on the wall (farva) (good)
[117]     Misha the Light of the Empire (nice)
[115]     Wayne is spread thin (neutral)
[114]    Feeling Ephemeral the Jedi (mean)
[112]    Leafy Green Kale the human {accustomed} (nice)
[111]    Wilson Fisk :: Leader of the Underground [Major] (mean)
[102]    Marty Mcfly :: Leader of the Underground [Slayer] (mean)
[95]     Vasuki the Jedi (neutral)
[77]     Zorge the Master of Spring (pure)
[67]    A Memory of Juggalofaro the Veteran Bladesinger (righteous)
Merkava the Fremen Waterman (mean)
[55]    Ultrabeast Pitviper the Juggernaut Sibko of Bravo Company. (corrupt)
[51]    Just Somebody the Psicorps Staff Sergeant (neutral)
[30]     Zethrak the Jedi (neutral)
[22]    {soaked} String the mortal Fundamental Cyborg (mean)

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