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3 Kingdoms LP-MUD Home Page
3 Kingdoms Players

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52 Visible Users Currently on 3 Kingdoms (Sat Nov 28 02:59:02 2020 EST)

[980]     Adalius is gonna fill you with holiday cheer
[930]     Thor
[750]     Frank is watching...Always watching.
[550]     Glorfindel is searching for our forgotten comrades
[142]    -=SA=- Locutus Space the Divine Elder, Death (XXIV) (saintly)
[140]    Shoudie Sing Xiu the Legendary Bladesinger Shadow-Master (angelic)
[139]    -=SA=- Havox Mystic Visionary of the Platinum Star (satanic)
Inix Kerensky, the Khan, Commander of the Clans. (neutral)
Kirwan the Indomitable Champion of the Lance (mean)
The Vagrant Kingdom of fe dar Shad (chaotic neutral)
[138]     Hyperion (neutral)
VERY HAPPY Killergate the Intricate Manipulator of Bladesong Patterns (neutral)
Voodoo the jackass (moral)
[137]     Ziphe , Eye of Overlord (neutral)
[136]    Blazing Agni :: Leader of the Underground [Marauder] (very good)
Dalandra the Divine is one with Galan (saintly)
[135]    The immutable Stasis (corrupt)
[134]    Hasa diga Gaidin the White Hand-Servant (good)
[133]     Prettypony - Angel in the Sheets, Demon on the Streets (cthulhic)
Rynn Mystic Visionary of the Flaming Palm (sinister)
[132]    Immortalis Din has got a hellish pride (neutral)
Forest moon of Ender the Jedi Knight (neutral)
St. Nik the Jollinator of Bleeding Forest (pure)
Siem the Jedi (mean)
[131]    -=SA=- Jayudi the Clan Ghost Bear Juggernaut. (angelic)
Field Marshal Scaf the Hallowed Demi-God, Archromancer (XI) (corrupt)
[130]    Unsolved Rubix , Chosen of Galan (neutral)
Sparkie the mortal Capo of the Syndicate (sinister)
Xanim the Just Protector (good)
[128]     Seeker the Jedi (neutral)
[121]     Apocalypse :: Leader of the Underground [Assassin] (nice)
[120]     Jelly donut (saintly)
[117]     Kirin the Herald of the Empire (neutral)
Not IT Uq the White Embodiment (very good)
[114]    SeaQuest DSV Ellegon Tutuola, a Bloodname of Clan Wolf. (pure)
[112]    Ashe, Basch and Vaan will save Ivalice (pure)
Zum the Aspirant to the Higher Bardic Gallantries (neutral)
[111]     Raeth Arch-Mage of the Platinum Star (neutral)
[103]     Rheiu the Zensunni Desert Demon (malicious)
[99]    Omega, AKA Omalley the deadly Lord of raging death (52) (neutral)
[98]    Zombie killer Chrys the Fedaykin Burseg (neutral)
[86]    Mech Warrior Heimdall the Clan Wolf Juggernaut. (mean)
[81]     Quadina :: Leader of the Underground [Investigator] (neutral)
[66]    "M" is for Megalith the Qizarate Apostle (sinister)
[65]     Jazz the mortal Chummer Lector (pure)
[60]    {soaked} Jenessa the Clan Wolf Juggernaut. (mean)
A shadow of Qthulhu the vengeful keeper of the dead (31) (mean)
[55]    Diminished Locrian the Accomplished Journeyman of Spellsong (saintly)
[4]    {soaked} Emryn the title less (neutral)

This list is updated every 5 minutes.


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