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3 Kingdoms LP-MUD Home Page
3 Kingdoms Players

Uptime is: 2 days 22 hours 51 minutes 21 seconds
Reboot in: 2 days 21 hours 54 minutes 8 seconds

65 Visible Users Currently on 3 Kingdoms (Mon May 21 12:46:31 2018 EST)

[990]     Rastafan
[930]     Thor
[750]     Adalius -san
[139]    Locutus of Space the Divine Elder, Deign of Oblivion (XXIII) (moral)
[138]     Parisienne Fatale (XXIII) (undead)
[134]     Kirwan the Indomitable Champion of the Lance (immoral)
Wyvern the Jedi (sleepy)
[133]     Hyperion (nice)
Mugen the Samurai (neutral)
The Mighty Nightrider the Supreme Storm Knight of the Ivory Sword (angelic)
Chief Sith of Bravo Charlie (saintly)
~X~I~U~ Zartan the Jedi (very good)
[132]     Chaed the Jedi Master (pure)
Bella Elektra Cullen, Vampire Bride (Tier XVIII) (undead)
[Ghostly] Havox Mystic Visionary of the Platinum Star (satanic)
Olorin a Bloodname of Clan Bear. (righteous)
[131]    FuFu Stomp! Fluffy the tiny ant {phenomenal} (good)
A'Genzai'Doru Hsima Khe'lai the Flamewalker (Fin Gen) (pure)
It is your Saim and he has a one-way ticket to DC (puckered) (malicious)
[130]    Napping Prettypony the Gold (corrupt)
CowCatcher Whisper the Malevolent Preserver of the Darkness (demonic)
Xavier is (good)
Shoudie Sing Xiu the Legendary Bladesinger Shadow-Master (saintly)
Once Zor had Nightshade & Keeble as Wiz GMS (neutral)
[126]     Wag the Malevolent Vindicator of the Darkness (satanic)
[124]    You broke the Mud (malicious)
Blue Sky Orange Cream (moral)
[120]     Metaljaz the Bladesinger Shadow-Master (good)
Freak Beast Mysterio the Return of the Shredi (sinister)
The Nameless King (satanic)
[118]     Trout the Hellfish (saintly)
[117]    Field Marshal Scaf the Hallowed Demi-God, Dark Overseer (VII) (demonic)
[115]     Enon (sinister)
[111]     Archangel the Splendid Guardian of the Enlightening Tome (immoral)
[109]     Aka the Jedi (pure)
Isam the Jedi (immoral)
[106]     Chomp the fat old grizzly bear {dangerous} (corrupt)
[105]     Shenanigans sings "Scotchy Scotch Scotch..." (saintly)
[101]    El Oh El the Clan Ghost Bear Juggernaut. (saintly)
{stumbling} Ser [completely hosed] (immoral)
[99]     Frismal the Jedi (very good)
[96]    Increasing Entropy the force (nice)
[92]     Hyuga the Jedi (pure)
[90]     Aristodemus the Jedi (immoral)
[81]     Treznor the Aspiring Acolyte of Spellsong (satanic)
[76]    Envoy Kovacs the Psicorps Master Sergeant (nice)
Nephandus :: Leader of the Underground [Researcher] (righteous)
[69]    Mischievous Poltergeist the Black Avatar of Nocturnis (malicious)
[65]    count Dardar the Acolyte of Krath (corrupt)
[62]    Titan Death Vex the vengeful keeper of fury (34) (immoral)
[60]    Razzler Dazzler the Psicorps Master Sergeant (saintly)
Dial M for Motivation Sradac, the Loremaster, Interpreter of Clan Wolf. (corrupt)
Order the Jedi (mean)
[50]     Vash the Just Protector (neutral)
[44]     Keronian the Jedi (righteous)
[43]    Over-Achiever Rhoenix the ant {powerful} (nice)
=[PReTiTLe]= Zero the Radiant Dagger of the Light (nice)
[28]     Kateveritas the adept invoker of the grave (21) (immoral)
[23]     Andreu the experienced Necromancer (mean)
[1]     Aelyna the title less (neutral)

This list is updated every 5 minutes.


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