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OMP 2000

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The Scavenger Hunt List
Points Item Description
4 A description of the statue in the fountain in Fountain Square
6 A plastic whiffle-ball
2 A bellhops cap
8 A small bag of Nacho-Cheese or Ranch Corn Nuts
10 An ice-cold (not frozen) can of Sprite
5 A creatively destroyed article of Jar-Jar Binks paraphernalia
4 A receipt for dry cleaning a t-shirt
7 An advertisement for an analog watch in which the watch reads any time NOT between 10:05 and 10:15, inclusive. [From Thyros: In most printed advertisements for analog watches, the time displayed on all the watches is 10 minutes after 10. Why is this? Is there some sort of sinister conspiracy among watch manufacturers? Actually, there's a good reason for this phenomenon. Dealers of watches often sell many different brands of timepieces, so the pictures used in their advertisements come from several companies. However, a store running a sale on watches might want to print a newspaper ad picturing each of the watches on sale. If these watches all read different times, it might appear to the reader as if the watches are broken - not something the dealer wishes to imply. To avoid such an implication, snapshots of watches used for advertising purposes almost always depict watches reading 10 minutes after 10 o'clock.
From Vraal: That might explain why all of the times are consistent. I believe a logical reason for picking a time such as 10:10 is that this configuration most often would not obscure the brand name of the watch that is typically printed in the center of the dial.
From Vryce: I searched hi and low on the web, and the only manufacturer that consistently did not use 10:05 - 10:15 was Seiko. PS, Sorry the image on the left is so blurry.]
7 A fortune cookie fortune that portends ill fortune
3 Some fenugreek
5 A newspaper personals ad including the phrase "Hot Mama"
2 Fish food
5 A receipt for something bought at an adult bookstore
2 A baby shoe
2 A business card made from or resembling grain wood
8 A computer punch card
5 A purple birthday candle
5 A raw umber Crayola crayon [From Vryce: Unfortunately this color was discontinued in 1990. You can read about R.U.M.P.S in the link above.]
4 A bowling pin
10 A census form
[From Vryce: Ok so the form is no longer available, but you can read about it.]
4 A photocopy of someones face
2 A Mothers Day card that plays music when you open it
5 The "Nutrition Facts" from a product with more than 1,500 servings per container (Include enough to show what it is)
1 A $2 bill
6 A summons for jury duty
5 An air sickness bag from an airline, with the name and/or logo of the airline imprinted on it
7 Brochure from the birthplace of the 1900s politician who became Secretary of War, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and President
8 A test tube sundew from CREW (in support of the ESPP, of course!)
5 Any obvious memento from the Argosy VI superboat
5 A brochure from the oldest planetarium west of the Alleghenies
2 A bumper sticker for WKRP (in Cincinnati)
8 A parking ticket
4 A plastic bottlecap with a "Pepsi Point" (any amount) on it
6 A hotel employee name tag from a hotel other than the Radisson
5 Anything bearing the likeness of a flying pig
3 A fast-food Pokemon prize/toy
3 A milk crate
5 A life jacket
7 A bedpan (clean!)
3 A gold or brass safety pin
3 The Ohio state flower
2 Anything "scratch-n-sniff"
4 Cardboard 3-D glasses (the blue and red kind)
5 A beer coaster showing a mug or stein of beer on it
15 The picture of a teammate with Lucius Q. Cincinnatus
2 A cinderblock
2 A coffee filter (unused)
3 Fly paper (clean!)
6 An impersonation of Vilgan by annoying the judge for 15 seconds
8 A ticket stub from a Cincinnati Bearcats or Xavier Musketeers basketball game
10 Someone on your team to sing "Im a Little Teapot"
4 The name of the Movie currently in Tensors title [His title was "Untensorable", referring to the movie "Unbreakable"]
3 A video game token
4 One of those big staples used to secure a packing box
10 Someone standing on one leg the entire time the points are being counted for your team (leaning is ok, but no help!)
3 The raw, naked disk from a floppy diskette
5 A souvenir park map from Kings Island
3 An image of the Kentucky flag
3 An image of the Ohio flag
3 A polished stone
3 Page 87 from any phone book
3 A take-out menu from any restaurant
4 A convenience store employment application
6 A Delaware state quarter
4 Something with the biohazard symbol on it
3 A paint-stirring stick
4 A street map of Cincinnati
5 Anything with the Columbus Blue Jackets on it
10 A picture of Rastafan with a rubber glove on his head
2 A spork
2 A flat thumbtack
4 A fishing lure
3 A golf ball
4 The list, in order, of the Survivor! People who have been kicked off thus far [In order from earliest to latest to be kicked off:
1. Sonja
2. B.B.
3. Stacey
4. Ramona
5. Dirk
6. Joel
7. Gretchen
8. Greg (took the fall right after the OMP)]>
6 A three-way (no, not THAT kind of three-way)
10 An AOL floppy disk
15 A disemboweled (non-McDonalds) TY Beanie Baby (including bowels!)
7 A sandwich from a gas station
4 A ketchup packet from McDonalds


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