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OMP 2000


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Aug 17-Sep 29

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Uno Tourney

This year we held the 2nd annual UNO Tourney. About thirty wide eyed people showed up to see who would be the Uno Champ of Three Kingdoms. Many people enjoyed the games, and a few even laughed at their pitiful attempt to play.

The biggest phrase running around the game was "I got Fortunato'd". This all started thanks to our friend Fortunato who managed to get over 170 points in one hand. Thus knocking him out of the running for the leader of his table.

More Uno action going on.

As with any tourney, there are winners and losers. Here we have our winners.

1st Place: Brand (2nd from left)
2nd Place: Anya (far right)   
3rd Place: Wildman (3rd from left)
4th Place: Kenji (far left)


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