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OMP 2001


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Aug 17-Sep 29

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Black Jack

This year, since we were in Las Vegas, we decided to do a little gambling of our own. The players were allowed to withdraw quest points and experience and gamble with them.

Our own Tensor, Rastafan and Pistil were our deals. (And from what I heard Tensor is a really mean dealer.)

Most people played fairly smart, while a few risked a lot. Our biggest winner was Bshadowl with 8.5 mil exp. On the quest point end we had Moskel with 600.

As with any game there are winners and their are losers. I won't mention names, but it is rumored that one mudder lost 2.4 mil exp. As for our biggest QP loser was only 400.

Over all it was a fun time for all who played. Maybe something like this will return next year.

Blackjack game
People gather around Pistil for a chance to win some experience.


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