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OMP 2001


In the midwest? Check out the Michigan Renaissance Festival!
Aug 17-Sep 29

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Admission Marbles Banner

At the first OMP, back in June 1998, everyone who registered at the door had to submit one marble as the entrance fee. Later that night the marbles were raffled off. The winner of the marbles decided to donate the marbles back at the OMP the following year, thus starting an OMP tradition. Every year the marbles are raffled off, get to spend one year with the winner, then are raffled again the following year.

Marble winners

  • June 2001, Las Vegas: Stranger from Cleveland OH
  • July 2000, Cincinnati: Shadowhawke from Chicago IL
  • July 1999, Chicago: Taffy from Boulder CO
  • June 1998, Washington DC: Frogurt from Quincy MA


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