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OMP 2002

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This year we started a new thing with the door prizes. We wanted everyone who came to get something so we allowed used items to be donated as long as they were in good condition. So this year everyone walked away with at least something.

Following is a list of the lucky winners!

Minor door prizes:


Major Door Prizes:

  • Sadness: $25 GC for Cracker Barrel
  • Fozzie: The 3K Power Source (Gerbil in a ball)
  • Takamori: Hard Rock Cafe Pin Set
  • Groosh: 12 pack of Kokanee Beer
  • Olfin: Izone Camera + Film
  • Squall: Sword & Plaque Set
  • Solo: Easy CD Creator Software
  • Guest: Penis Candle
  • Kwin: Crystal Stein from Ireland
  • Relkin: Dagger
  • Guest: Hunting Knife
  • Kella: Short Sword
  • Bianca: Sony 5 CD Changer
  • Interceptor: The most advanced gaming system (An Apple ][e)
  • Galvin: N64

Grand Door Prizes:

  • Footcandle: Boom Box
  • Kiri: Warder Heron Marked Blade
  • Zimpor: PS2

Special Door Prize:

  • The Official Admission Marbles Every year we raffle the marbles off and this year was no exception, though we did have to replace the container and a few of the marbles. (Glass just doesn't ship well.) Any ways follow the link to see who has won this year.


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