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OMP 2002

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Scavenger Hunt
The challenge of the hunt!

This year we decided to do the hunt a little bit different. We still had those item you had to bring in, but we also added that you had to take pictures of random things and actions.

There was lots of laughter about some of the pictures. From climbing on a fire truck while holding a trash can and a branch, to a guy in a tree wearing a bra. And lets not forgot the muds favorite, finished oak cabinets.

And you can't forget all the 5 people singing the National Anthem at the same time. (It was funny hearing all the different words to it.)

The teams
This year there were only five teams. 

Team 1: Mjohn, Icelady, Kiri, Bigfoot, Footcandle
Team 2: Pendras, Galvin, Alerik, Trent, Don, Squall
Team 3: Shadowking, Ghostrider, Saroiny, Slinky, Bianca, Ashram, Luci
Team 4: Relkin, Groosh, Razorx, Kikipopo, Zosma, Guest
Team 5: Pol, Fozzie, Qrazyguy, Badanedwa, Raphael

The list, along with the scores for each team are here, at the Hunt List

Hands on the floor

Hands on the wall

The Judges

Random Hunters

With everything there must be winners and losers.

1st Place, Team 1 2nd Place, Team 4
3rd Place, Team 3 4th Place, Teams 2 and 5


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