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OMP 2003

Wear your 3K pride
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Aug 17-Sep 29 2019

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Wow what a lot of great door prizes. PS2, Xbox, Game Cube, Swords galore and a whole bunch more. Everyone walked away with something!

This year Tensor collected VAF's from all the guilds and went out on a shopping spree. Almost all of the Major prizes were donated from a guild. Thanks to all who chipped in! And of course thanks to Tensor for going out and picking up all the items and bringing them to the OMP.

Following is a list of the lucky winners!

Minor door prizes:


Major Door Prizes:

  • Takamori: Gucci Sunglasses
  • Nessa: Leather Bound Iron Clad Journal
  • Niterider: Dune for Woman
  • Bigfoot: Lord of the Rings BBC CD set
  • Vorian: Bushmills Whiskey
  • Darkness: Morrowind 3
  • Tensor: Warcraft III
  • Trent: External CD Burner
  • Starflame: Websters Dictionary
  • William: LOTR DVD set
  • Vraal: A Katana
  • Morgaine: DDR Game and dance mat for PS1
  • Crimson: Chainmail Headpiece
  • Bull: Sword 2
  • Bloodspaw: Gameboy Advanced SP
  • Pupicota: Gameboy Advanced
  • Estrella: Wooden Knight Communication kit
  • Caalan: Sword 3
  • Sadness: Websters Dictionary
  • Trent: Plasma Lamp
  • Shadowhawke: Staff
  • Bull: DVD Player
  • Footcandle: MP3 Player
  • Relkin: Sword, Large one
  • Anomoly: The 3K Thong
  • Vraal: PS One with Final Fantasy Tatics
  • Aijin: Ninja Sword
  • Sabastian: R2-D2
  • Permas:P133 Laptop
  • Trent: Dragon Slayer Dagger
  • Caalan: Orignal D&D books and stuff
  • Anomoly: Sword 4
  • Daishi: Pocket Watch
  • Stalin: Glamdrig
  • Olfin: BattleAxe
  • Tigereyes: Gamecube w/Metriod Prime
  • Pupicota: A Clan
  • William: Death Sword
  • Hyperion: Mindstorm Robotics Invention
  • Bianca: Katana 2
  • Olfin: PS2

Special Door Prize:

  • The Official Admission Marbles Every year we raffle the marbles off and this year was no exception. Any ways follow the link to see who has won this year.


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