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OMP 2003

Wear your 3K pride
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Aug 17-Sep 29 2019

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The challenge of the hunt!

What fun! Everyone did really well this year on the hunt. So well infact that we had to have a sudden death question period to break the tie for 3rd place.

This years pictures catagory were some of the same ole things, female team member in a men's restroom and a picture of finished oak cabinets, but there were also some really interesting ones.

The funnies part though.. the Rasta-Eggs! Some people are really creative. I couldn't stop laughing when I saw them all.

The teams

Team 1: Mjohn Bigfoot Footcandle Sadness Anomoly Wiener
Team 2: Relkin Venus Permas Estrella Gunman Zosma
Team 3: Rouille Sparrowhawk Starflame Almandot Figolfin
Team 4: Dalissa Nazgall Daishi Aijin William Dreamer 
Team 5: Caalan Soreil Jezabel Pluck Ghostrider Aneki
Team 6: Tigereyes Razorx Bluerose Niterider Valletta Bloodspaw
Team 7: Sheep Dalandra Fiona Nessa Pola Adalius

The list, along with the scores for each team are here, at the Hunt List

Chanting (See the Video)

The Rasta-Eggs!

Random Hunters

With everything there must be winners and losers.

1st Place, Team 4 2nd Place, Team 6
3rd Place, Team 2 4th Place, Team 1


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