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OMP 2004


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Aug 17-Sep 29

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Ths year we set a record in VAF's. Every guild had their names on atleast one door prize.

This year Tensor decided to do the door prizes a bit different. Everyone got tickets when they walked in and they could place as many, as they had, in different buckets. This way you could put tickets into those buckets which had the item you really wanted. Overall it went fairly well, and I think this is how we will going about this in years to come.

Following is a list of the lucky winners!

Minor door prizes:

Too many to list. But there were a good number. Prizes ranged from DVD's to a submergible phone. Many great prizes, many great winners.

Major Door Prizes:

Special Door Prize:

  • The Official Admission Marbles Every year we raffle the marbles off and this year was no exception. Any ways follow the link to see who has won this year.


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