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OMP 2004


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Aug 17-Sep 29

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The Hunt!!!

While less and less people are joining in on the Scavenger Hunt, the prizes are getting better and better. This year the first place team took home $100.00, 1000 Quest Points, 12 perm stats and 8 death reimbursements. (No not each, this was to be divvied out amoung the team.)

This year we had more active items, such as two team members had to switch clothes then wear them inside out for the tally. Another one was a team member wearing four bra's. Over all I think this was a far funnier hunt then the previous years.

For the creative bunch, though it was lacking, we had the Tensor Egg. (Though I can't seem to find a picture of the one that was done). And the 3K logo made out of pasta. Flair did an awesome job with this one.

The teams

Team 1: Mjohn, Footcandle, Bigfoot, Keela, Kree, Fiona, Tink, Kiri, Thoreau
Team 2: Hobbes, Flair, Dalandra, Polo, Yatzaka, Draven, Sadness, Alan
Team 3: Damian, Dangergirl, Amt, Lisker, Hayt, Syrup, Cale, Gloaming

The list, along with the scores for each team are here, at the Hunt List

Perral & Dalandra switching clothes

Flair's Pasta

Haplo drawing a heart on Hayt

The Scavenger Hunt Wedgie

With everything there must be winners and losers.

1st Place, Team 2
2nd Place, Team 1
3rd Place, Team 3

Team 2, The Winners


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