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OMP 2005


In the midwest? Check out the Michigan Renaissance Festival!
Aug 17-Sep 29

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August 2005, Michigan


This year's OMP was held just a few hundred yards from the Detroit Metro airport which allowed for easy transport.

The conference room was a good size for our group and we had little difficulty in having plenty of room for multiple games and mudding sessions. Yes people still fly thousands of miles to play 3k from OMP, luckily wireless internet was freely available from the hotel!

Thursday was a very slow day in the conference room, several people went to Cedar Point just a few hours away for a day of thrill seeking. There was enough left to get in a game of Risk 2210 (Original Risk was not even brought out this year, 2210 has taken over!). At another table a game of Texas Hold'em also sprung up to entice the gamers.

Friday saw a great deal of gaming activity as more people arrived and those from Cedar Point returned. Euchre, Risk 2210, Axis & Allies, Shogun (wow what a long game!), and Articulate dominated the conference room. There were groups of people just chatting away, and of course the ever present mudders and OMP camera capturing it all for those poor souls who could not attend in person.

Friday night saw a fearsly competitive Euchre tournament with Rastafan coordinating the event and somehow not killing anyone with the 5000 "where do I go now??" questions.

Finally the main event was upon us, Saturday ! OMP !!

Saturday got off to a start with yet another game of Risk 2210, which was quickly interrupted as it was time for Dog Punting !! What an event, we had shoes flying, whiffs, and expert soccer trained punts. This was a very fun event and well coordinated! Upon the conclusion everyone shuffled back inside to get a quick bite to eat before the UNO tournament began.

UNO was a fairly drama free event, most everyone knew how to play and there was a shocking lack of (noticeable) cheating. A good time was had by all with the losers slowly filtering out to Axis & Allies and other strategy games which dominated the OMP free time.

Oops ! It's 4pm, everyone out for setup time! Everyone was kicked out of the conference room so the hosts could prepare for a fun filled evening. When everyone was let back in there were a lot of "ooh" and "ahh" and "MINE!" as eyes fell over the truly extraordinary door prizes to be won this year. There was a well organized line to submit your VAF and get your yellow (low end) and red (high end) prize tickets. You could also choose to enter the drawing for the 3k Marbles but you had to swear in blood that you would return next year with them. There were guild posters on the walls for everyone to sign in and show their guild patronage.

There was some time for chit chat as people put faces to names and forged friendships. There was more then enough food various pizza and sub offerings to suit anyone's taste, and unlike last year the subs were actually sliced! Shortly, it was time for the Scavenger Hunt! Teams were quickly formed and off they went, a bunch of half drunk mudders scavenging across a strange city for obscure items and pictures. Those not participating talked about going to a strip club, played Shogun and other strategic games, you might think it odd that discussion would occur or that the games would win out, but not if you knew mudders.

After the conclusion of the Scavenger judging (with some very odd scenes and pictures resulting!) it was time for the door prize drawings! The way it worked this year was everyone paid $10 and get one strip of red tickets, for $20 you got 2 strips. Everyone had one yellow ticket. You took your red tickets, writing your name on them and placed them into styrofoam buckets which you could not touch or see how many tickets were inside. The drawings were conducted with much ooh'ing and aahing, some people winning multiple grand prizes, some not winning any. However everyone was guaranteed a prize and those were the yellow ticket items, many movies, books and other odds and ends prizes were up for grabs! Everyone was a winner except for the now famous '558' ticket holder. The winner of the 3k marbles was Riekl (and yes he brought them back in 2006!).

A very successful OMP both in fun had and in lack of police being called on us! See you all next year !


Special thanks to all of the players and wizards who worked hard to make this a success. Some people have continued to contribute even after the event by posting their party pictures for online viewing:

If you have any pics or stories that you would like to submit, please mud mail Bilbo.


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