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OMP 2000


In the midwest? Check out the Michigan Renaissance Festival!
Aug 17-Sep 29

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Scavenger Hunt
Aside from the raffling of the door prizes and meeting new people, the other big item at the OMP's are the Scavenger Hunts. This year was no different. Everyone made up into their teams to compete for first place.

To see the actual list, Click Here!

Tensor laying down the law about the hunt.

3rd place winners.

Rouille, Kahlan, Cyliet, Kenji,
Starflame, Toastmaster, Jamil,
Domina, Brand, Jygro

Picture to come soon.
2nd place winners

Mosiah, Wain, Colostomy, Taffy,
Relkin, Valletta, Tigereyes, 
Affeinec, Bilbo, Sorcha

Our Scavanger Hunt 1st Place Winners

Random, Silence, Eriond, Dominator
Bshadowl, Jander, Falcon, Devina
Nirt, Don


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