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OMP 2001

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Aug 17-Sep 29 2019

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Every year people stand around in anticipation of winning a door prize, and this year was no different. There were various items on hand from coffee to books in the minor prizes, a sword and a really nice dragon sculpture in the majors, and 2 Gameboy Advances in the Grand Prizes.

Following is a list of the lucky winners!

Minor door prizes:

Raphael, Baxter, Guest1, Johnny, Amish, Molly, Aspen, Brand, Vryce, Tarnac, Nooster, Carlin, Miyurachi, Bleu, Makie, Moskel, Haplo, Cleave, Gungnir, Clayton, It, Ghostrider, Samar

Major Door Prizes:

  • Groosh: Vibrator & Dick Tacs (How appropriate)
  • Shadowhawke: Monopoly the dot Com edition and Survivor Board Game
  • Vraal: Chinese Checkers
  • Tensor: The Hobbit, hard cover edition
  • Rastafan: Dragon Sculpture
  • Anya: Used Playstation
  • Buddah: Merlins Sword

Grand Door Prizes:

  • Aliena: Gameboy Advance with Zelda Oracle of the Ages
  • Shadowspawn: Gameboy Advance with Zelda Oracle of Seasons

Special Door Prize:

  • Last year we started a tradition. It is the raffling of The Official Admission Marbles from the first OMP. Follow the link to see who has won this year.


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