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OMP 2000


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Aug 19-Oct 1

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July 2000, Cin City

Once again, mudders from all over took over the lobby of a hotel. This year's victim was the Radisson Hotel at the Cincinnati Airport. At almost any given time you could find a tired, weary eyed mudder looking for someone to talk with. (And I'm sure the other guests enjoyed hearing about our "killing" ways.)

Friday night there were a variety of unofficial activities going throughout the wee hours of the morning. From trips to to local bars, catching the opening screening of X-Men, heading down to Kentucky to an infamous Cletus Drunkenfest to hanging out at the hotel getting to know each other.

Saturday started off with dog punting on the back lawn. People gathered around to see who could punt the dog, or other stuffed animal, the farthest. Unfortunately the dog was the least to get punted. As everyone decided that the sheep was more appropriate. We don't know how, but Ropmas gets our special kick award. For he managed to get the poor little bear stuck on the roof. From there we moved indoors for the Uno Tourney. This year we had thirty wide eyed Uno hungry participants. Everyone who joined in played their hearts out, but there can be only one true Uno champ.

About 5:30PM the main party started. Everyone lined up outside the room so that they could walk by the registration table. The players had a great time returning marbles to Peeron that they all apparently found. Thus adding to his Marble collection. Peeron also introduced to us Marbozo. After Marbozo dinner arrived, pizza and pop for everyone. And something that was needed before the main event of the party, the Scavenger Hunt. While the teams ran around looking for hunt items the few that stayed behind enjoyed themselves playing Uno or Articulate. (Little bit of advice here, if you sit next to Tensor in Uno, he just loves getting Draw 4's, Draw 2's and Skips.) The Official Party winded down with the raffle. Many great prizes were on hand, from t-shirts to a giant long sword. Also who can forget the coveted Admission Marbles from the first OMP. They made their way back again this year, and got raffled off to one lucky winner.

Over all it was a fun weekend for all. Many new faces attended this year, along with many of the old. We also had a few new events, and hopefully they will become a permanent addition to the OMP's.


Special thanks to all of the players and wizards who worked hard to make this a success. Some people have continued to contribute even after the event, by posting their party pictures for online viewing:
  • Bshadowl's Album
  • Acidviper's Album
  • Cylet's album
  • Dynon's album
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As time goes on pages vanish, if you have a page with pictures from this years OMP please mudmail Vryce.


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