Topic: Adventurer

  The Adventurer guild is the guild you are in by default.  You will remain
in this guild until you choose to join one of the Full guilds.  A full
guild is one that is supported by a Guild Master and has a full range of
powers, abilities and a guild hall.  You may join a Full guild upon reaching
Level 5.

  The Adventurers advancement room is UP from the Login room.  The login
room is the room that you start in when you first come into the game.  If
you should ever lose your Adventurer's Handbook you need only come back
to this room to get a new one. 

  The following powers exist in the Adventurers Guild:

  consider [monster]  -  Allows you to get a rough estimate of the strength
                         and power of a monster before you fight it.
  fireball [target]   -  Cast a fireball at a foe, doing very good damage.
  shock    [target]   -  Shock a foe with electricity doing good damage.
  missile  [target]   -  Cast a magic missile at a foe doing slight damage.

Syntax: [Name of spell] [optional name of player]
Cast a spell. If no argument, then cast spell on current fighting opponent.
The following are spells specific to the adventurer guild.  Please see
your guild object for your guild's particular spells.
Spell           Level           Spell points    Max damage
missile         5               10              2 x good
shock           10              15              3 x good
fireball        15              20              4 x good
You have to have enough experience points to be able to use the spells,
but then they will work 100 %.
If you cast a spell on an idle player, a fight will start.
Please see the adventurer's handbook gotten from within the adventurer's
guild up from the Reception Room for further details...

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