Topic: Mage

Many rumors are whispered about Pinnacle's powerful mage guild.
Although most of these are false, the following *is* known:

Mages are people who have dedicated their lives to mastery of the
mystic art of sorcery. Expert mages have an arsenal of over one 
hundred spells at their disposal. 

Although mages are best known for their offense, their defensive 
capabilities are not to be trifled with. One of their most feared 
and respected powers is the ability to conjure forth all manner of 
powerful beasts to fight for them in combat.  These creatures, 
enslaved by the mage's potent will, sacrifice their bodies to save 
his, and may even be compelled to follow the mage as a personal 
servant. (Note that, although I say "his", some of the most powerful
mages are female.)

Mages also can cast a wide array of useful, clever, amusing, and, 
it is said, even treacherous spells.  Popular superstition says that
a powerful mage can change his form, and that his feet do not even
touch the ground.

On the other hand, mages lose much health and strength, subjugating
these bodily powers to the pursuit of the arcane. Another drawback 
of this rigorous discipline is that mages are restricted in their 
choice of armour and weapons.  Aside from robes, boots, staff, 
dagger, and a few trinkets, there is not much they can use.

Novice mages always wear a small pentagram of purest platinum, but 
it seems that more advanced sorcerers often give this up, in order 
to specialize in a specific type of magic.

The art of magic is older than Chaos itself.  Indeed, it is rumoured
that in the distant past, great mages warred for control of the
kingdoms, nearly destroying them.  Perhaps someday, you too could
wield such power.

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