Topic: Bards

   "His soul was nourished by beauty, his
    spirit drawn to mystery. The art of a
    bard must harness both."
               --Morgan Llewelyn
                 Bard, the Odyssey
                 of the Irish

The Bards of the Three Kingdoms are a widely varied lot,
but in the soul of each bard beats a passion for beauty
and a desire for knowledge. Some choose to pursue this
through the deadly songs of combat, while others choose
to learn the pure forms of physical combat. Others
practice the soothing art of instruments, while others
choose to hide in the shadows and observe unseen, or to
gather knowledge about the inhabitants of the realms,
and the realms themselves.

Although the path each Bard may take varies widely, all
pursue the same goals, all share the same depth of spirit
and vision. If you would tread the trails of the Bard,
seek out any current bard to progress.

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