Topic: Angel

     Angels are beings that have existed since just after the dawn 
  of time.  Whether they were created with the good, because of the 
  good, or by the good is not only unknowable, but also immaterial.  
  Angels embody the virtues of goodness, and are messengers and 
  warriors sent to do the work of goodness.  They are not the fat 
  little babies seen on many postcards; they are radiant beings 
  that fight for the innocent and pure of heart, against all that 
  is evil.  They are quite capable too.

     Angels are beings of free will, and make mistakes.  The life 
  of an angel is not easy, and sometimes angels fail.  Sometimes the 
  stress of upholding goodness is too great and the transmorph 
  themselves into humans to live out a mortal life.  Other times, they 
  fall.  Through continuous misdeeds they can become embodiments of 
  the very thing they have lived to destroy.  A fallen angel can never 
  be returned to grace.

     The Angel guild of 3K does not ascribe or promote any specific 
  religion, ethos or creed, though the theme is obviously drawing 
  heavily on these kinds of sources.

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