Topic: Necromancer

 The path of the Necromancer follows that of powerful magic.  Ancient energies
and ethereal forces are yours to command.  Take a step toward immortality with
the powers of the undead.  Darkness and light combine to create devastating
spells and awe-inspiring powers.  The intensity of your guild experience will
forever shape the rest of your life.
 No guild in all the realms offers you the experience found in the Necromancers.
Hundreds of powers are yours to command.  The members are helpful and the info
files are extremely complete.  The guild is the most complex on 3 Kingdoms and
very arguably the most complex on any mud anywhere.
 The Guild Halls are comprised of over a hundred rooms, many containing secrets
about the ancient histories of members long gone.  Further exploration of the
stone halls and ancient catacombs reveal hidden clues to that of the guild
quest - to find and awaken the forgotten powers of the ancient Necromancers,
and learn the secrets of their disappearance.
 The guild is an intense experience, make no mistake about it.  Very few people
have even come close to experiencing all it has to offer.  Power, mystery,
intensity and excitement await you in the guild that is, the Necromancers.

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