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   The Jedi Guild is a sci-fi guild based on the Star Wars Movie
Trilogy and on the Jedi Role Playing Game. This guild is not one 
of those theme-less and over-powered guilds, it is rather a guild 
intended to offer unique powers to those players who are fans of 
Star Wars. 

   Although it is impossible to give you a full impression of how 
this guild is organized or what powers you will have, I will give 
you as good an impression of what things will be like as I can....

   All Jedi are unique.  No two Jedi advance the same way within
the guild, and each will have to adopt a different fighting style.
Each will have different careers (17 choices) and different levels
in each of the 49 ability skills.

   It is said among the Jedi that nothing is impossible with the
Force as your ally.  This is certainly true within the guild.
There are enough abilities to satisfy everyone's desire, to let
you taylor your character how you want.

   You want a lightsaber?  Train that skill.
   You want to throw lightning?  Train that skill.

   The available abilities run the entire range of powers to be
found on the mud.  Healing, damage dealing, defense, informative,
and some others which are too complex to describe in a short file
such as this.

   Beware though in your choices, because the Dark Side lurks 
in the shadows, waiting to latch onto your soul and claim you 
from the path of light.

   Lastly, I would suggest that you consult any Jedi that is 
currently in the game to ask for his/her impressions of the guild.
If you join I would like to personally welcome you into service as
a Jedi, and if you don't, I wish you luck with whichever guild 
that you do choose. May the Force guide your decision so that you 
make the correct one for YOU!

The Jedi guild is open and welcoming members.  If you're interested
in the Jedi Knights, be patient and you may become one.  Be warned
though, this is a theme guild.  Jedi won't go blasting Tiamat to
kingdom come, they won't take on 10 PK's alone.  If you're interested
in that mystical spark that George Lucas placed in all of us over
20 years ago, this is where you'll find it.  If not, look elsewhere
for your guild, because it's probably not your destiny to be a Jedi.

  -- Nanook (updated 11-18-98)

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