Topic: Gentech

Refugees from a full planetary sector war in the far distant future, the
Gentech recruit soldiers to fortify their armies and lead them back to the
future to conquer their enemies. These Gentech soldiers ride a fine line
between genetic enhancement of their bodies, and incorporation and
integration of far advanced technology into their cellular matrix. This 
being so, the Gentech posses the ability to choose their own fate within
the structure of their guild. Some have even said that Gentech is the
guild of 'choice'.

As opposed to most other guilds, Gentech members perform experiments to
acquire skills and powers. Any power within the guild may be researched
by any member of the guild at any time, but with this freedom comes a
cost. Researched experiments can fail, which may lead to unpredictable
results, including the loss of a power or in very rare instances, death.
The chances of a researched experiment succeeding (or its degree of
failure) depends on the experience the Gentech member has within the guild.
The greater the experience, the more likely an experiment to research a
power will succeed.

This total control over their chosen skills allows the Gentech to 
wield enormous power over not only their general surroundings, but
also over their own bodies. Through this power, which is both raw and
refined, the Gentech bring the world of the far distant future to today.

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