Topic: Monk

The Monk is a born fighter, he needs no weapon to fight and requires
no armor, nor can he wear much.  His main goals in life are to study,
meditate, and fight.

A monk will get most of his Guild Experience Points from fighting bare
handed in combat.  If at any time your Guild Points or Peace Level drop
to Zero(0), you will not fight well with your hands and are better off
fighting with a weapon.

A monk's prime attribute is DEX.  This is what most of his powers are based
on, including his attack ability and dodging ability. (WC and AC)

INT is also a prime factor in determining how well a monk fights and how
much damage he does.

Concentrate on those stats and your guild level, and you will be a
powerful monk in no time.

Monks cannot wear armors of type: armour, helmet, boots, gloves or shield.
Monks also have little need for money, thus they have restrictions of
35K coins carrying, and 50K coins in their bank accounts.

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