Topic: Elemental
     This guild draws its power solely from the four basic 
  elements of nature: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth.  The most 
  experienced elementals have all four of these forces at their
  disposal and can control them effortlessly.  However, to gain
  such powers an elemental first must learn the secrets of each
  element independently, and have full mastery of over one before  
  exploring another.
     The elementals are renowned for their sheer force, and
  ability to manipulate the environment of their enemy.   The 
  power of the elemental does have its drawbacks. Because most
  of their energy is devoted to controlling their environments, 
  they are left virtually defenseless.
  Earth elementals are able to wear all types of armor.  All
  other elemental forms can only "engulf" a limited number of items, 
  and do not benefit from the armor class of their armor.
  When wielding weapons elementals cannot attack with their elemental
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