Topic: Juggernauts

  The Juggernauts guild is primarily revolves around the Battletech theme
  of Elementals. The Juggernauts guild for the most part relies on the
  interaction between the Juggernaut and his Main Battle Armour, his
  Elemental suit, for those who are Battletech players.

  The Juggernaut's guild is mainly a defensively oriented guild We do
  not rely so much on the wiz bang effects of offensive weaponary, but
  pride ourselves on our ability to avoid being hit, as well as being
  able to keep on fighting in dire situations. The Juggernaut's best
  ability would be that of being able to take a whopping amount of damage
  and being able to go on. Due to the fact that the Juggernauts do not
  have a great deal of offensive weaponary, the Juggernauts are henceforth
  unequaled in defensive power.

  More information can be found out at the guild itself.  Just check your
  local Pinnacle map for the location.

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