Topic: Knights

  A once green and vibrant plain extends around you, its tall grasses
  now crushed and trampled, the green splattered with the debris of 
  war.  For as far as your eyes can see the field is covered with the
  dead and those few lucky survivors who wander around aimlessly as 
  if shocked to be alive after such a fierce fight. 
  One armoured figure in particular catches your eye as he kneels 
  down and silently cleans his bastard sword on the cloak of a fallen 
  foe.  As the last of the blood is wiped from his blade the Knight 
  rises to his feet, the leftover strain of battle slowing his 
  movements, his injuries causing a grimace of pain.  While you watch
  him, the look of pain fades from his face as he closes his eyes and 
  seems to focus his thoughts on enduring his wounds. 
  With a final bow of his head, to the memory and valour of his 
  fallen foe the Knight remounts his sandy coloured horse and rides 
  off to rally and aid the survivors.  The killing is over but there 
  is more to being a Knight than just the glory of battle.  A Knight 
  is a powerful warrior, but that power is sheathed within a code of 
  honour.  Any Knight is not perfect, nor expected to be, but they 
  must always attempt to reach for that higher ideal. 
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