Topic: Changeling

        The old man leans on his staff, scrutinizing you, 'So mortal, you
wish to learn about the race of the Changeling? It just so happens that
over my long centuries of life, I have known many a Morph, and learned much
about them.'

Looking for signs of interest he continues, 'I have much to tell, if you
have the time..'

Taking a seat on a nearby log, he begins his tale, 'Changelings are an
ancient and powerful race, although only existing in folk tales for
centuries, recently they have become commonplace and are growing in
popularity. Able to mimic the forms of animals and anything they see,
they are a deadly adversary, or a powerful friend.'

'Changelings possess unnatural control over their bodily cells, and are
able to harness this to bend and shape their bodies to their will.'

'One minute you could be facing a well armed and armoured warrior', he
pauses momentarily for extra effect, 'and the next a huge beast!, and if
that isn't enough to scare an enemy to death, I am sure that it's pure
animal fury and lethal natural weaponry will.'

'Generally a changeling will use the animal forms of the mammalian,
reptilian and avian variety, but rumour has it that that a well
learned morph can become that of an inanimate nature , or even one of
the ancient dinosaurs that use to inhabit the land!'

'I once saw a powerful morph face several opponents, an average warrior
would have of been felled in an instant, but this morph ignored all but
one of his attackers, felling them one by one, their attacks bouncing
off his body, or missing entirely. He faught blindingly fast, the whole
fight took but mere moments.'

'The life of a Changeling is not an easy one my friend, it takes much
patience and practice for them to become a master of their talents.
The rewards for perseverance are large and satisfying, should you choose
to follow this path.'

The old man scratches his beard absently, 'That's all I can tell you now
I am afraid, my mind isn't what it used to be, If you require more
information, look around and find some Changelings, they will be more
happy to share more knowledge with you.'

'Take care friend.'

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