Topic: Breed

The Breed are perhaps one of the eldest races of all time. Returned after
aeons of self-imposed exile, they are armed with perhaps the most
potent force of all--the power of the mind. For it is from within that
psi is generated. The Breed, in general, are a secretive lot, believing
that each person must forge his or her own destiny, unfettered and
untainted by the ideas and opinions of others. Obtaining knowledge
without understanding is a most dangerous thing.

Each of the Breed therefore, makes his or her own way through
life, learning from those who will teach them what they wish to
know when they are ready. The path of the Breed however, is not
one of ease, but rather one of discipline, diligence and patience.

As such, the Workings of the Breed are highly diverse and vary from
Breed to Breed. For few Breed ever embark on exactly the same life
path as another. It is rumoured that their great city is hidden
from outsiders to protect the Breed from those who would do them

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